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Mr. Sampath, please stop playing dangerous game with democracy

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From: Save Indian Democracy <saveindiandemocracy.org1@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, May 8, 2014 at 8:37 PM
Subject: Mr. Sampath, please stop playing dangerous game with democracy
To: Save Indian Democracy <saveindiandemocracy.org1@gmail.com>

Dear Mr. Sampath,

It is destiny that has chosen you to lead India’s elections at a critical time in India’s history.   Groomed throughout your lifetime as a bureaucrat playing second fiddle to politicians, you do not seem to understand the significance of the position you are holding or the significance of the period in India’s history you are holding this position.    This is not about Modi, this is not about BJP,  this is about people’s will, this is about India’s democracy which you are entrusted to protect and execute.

It is said that a coward is more dangerous than a crooked.   The timidity EC has displayed during this election leaves a lot to be desired and questions your eligibility to the position of Chief Election Commissioner of this great country.  Your timidity may stem from your lifetime obedience to bosses,  or perhaps the truth in allegations of your disproportionate wealth and your alleged involvement in various scams from Coalgate to Airbus scams.

If in your mind you think you can play partisan with your responsibilities, please think again.  It only enhances those whom you try to suppress.   If you think the security cover given by corrupt establishment will save you after elections, please think again.   The rage of 1.2 billion Indians will not save you and your fellow commissioners.

Your actions are putting India’s democracy at a great peril that will have tremendous consequences.   Please recoup your sources and do your duty, as one great India’s figure said, Just do your duty, rest will take care of itself.



Save Indian Democracy


Mr. Sampath, India’s future is in your hands

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From: Save Indian Democracy <saveindiandemocracy.org1@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 5:52 PM
Subject: Mr. Sampath, India’s future is in your hands
To: contact@saveindiandemocracy.org1

Dear Honorable Chief Election Commissioner Sampath,

The elections which destiny has set you to preside over is nothing short of historic.   What happens in this elections can be a turning point whether India will survive as one country and prosper or eventually disintegrate and mostly destroyed.
When our forefathers created the constitution they ensured that Election Commission of India is independent and will ensure free and fair elections.   Since independence, in spite of many shortfalls, Election Commission has protected the voters mandate for many years.    However, 2009 Elections  is a watershed of Indian democracy that will be remembered as a shameful episode of India’s Election Commission where it is alleged not just failed to do its duty but even participated in undemocratic to downright unlawful activities.
In the days coming ahead, India will watch whether the institution you head will keep up to the promises of founding fathers.   Will it again see the days of EVM fixers going for asking for a price from North East to Maharashtra to South India to fix the elections?   Will there be allegedly fraudulent reversal of vote such as that which made  PC Chidambaram a winning candidate?    Will it again see thousands of EVMs supposed to be have been used for elections found to be sold as scrap?    Will it see those who are alleged to be associated with subcontractors of the EVMs announce the precise election results even before Election Commission even start counting?   Will country see faulty EVMs such as that happened across Tamilnadu?

How will Election Commission account for the least secure EVMs used in ruling party Congress states be fair?  How will Election Commission account for the voting counts being found on Election Commission website even before Election Commission started counting?    How will Election Commission account for many leaders including those like Laloo Yadav himself inquiring price for fixing EVMs?  How will Election Commission account for those in power taking EVMs to their places for manipulations in North East?   How will Election commission account for reports that thousands of crores are allocated to manipulate EVMs in 2014 elections?

In spite of the failings in 2009, Dr. Qureshi who headed the CEC after 2009 elections has made a great turnaround overriding many challenges.   He has proven that a right leadership can change things in spite of challenges.  Will that continue under your leadership?
Will India survive?  It is in your hands and you will be responsible for it.
We wish you success.


Save Indian Democracy