Press Release, Activists alarmed at ECI buying 2 lakhs of same manipulable EVMs and combining State (5 states) and Central election

Press Release

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Aug 22, 2013

Activists alarmed at ECI buying additional 2 lakh of same manipulable EVMs and combining State (5 states) and Central Elections together creating an environment for major fraud in coming elections

Activists who has been working on EVM issue during last 4 years are alarmed with recent news item that ECI is going to buy 2 lakhs (0.2 million) of same old EVMs and hold the coming state and central elections together in Nov 2013.    (Ref: July 2013, Times of India, ).

The issue is ECI under Dr. Quraishi has done multiple field trails with VVPAT (EVM with paper receipt), did multiple design modifications with help of ECI expert committee and zero’ed on a VVPAT machine design.  ECI even demonstrated to opposition parties to their satisfaction as of May 2013.   In Apr 2013, ECI  went to Supreme Court that they are ready to order the VVPAT machines once they get funds from Central Govt (see links below).

After new election commissioner Mr. Sampath took over, everything came to full stop.  What is the imperative for ECI to hold state and central elections together in Nov 2013 and use that as a reason to procure 2 lakhs of same old EVMs that were known to be easily manipulated?   This is alarming because this is precisely creating conditions for major EVM  frauds (see blatant statewide examples of EVM fraud from 2009 below for which ECI has no answer).   Holding elections together when ECI is hard pressed to manage, buying large quantity of extra EVMs does not bode well for fairness of coming elections, based on several experiences in multiple states in 2009 elections (see AP example in particular below).   At current times where no party can gain absolute majority all it takes is manipulate small percentage (less than 5%) in select constituencies where margins are thin to tip the balance and even capture power.

This whole idea smells like conspiracy and given the way country is going through one scam after another it is not surprising?   Seems like with the possibility of loss of power the establishment seems to take drastic step to subvert democracy.   To address this activists are pursuing various strategies such as filing PILs in Supreme Court,  protests/Dharna at the Election Commission, increase both national and international awareness of the impending fraudulent elections,  bring to notice of the activists in countries ECI is selling the same old EVMs that can be manipulated etc.  Please note that Dr. Swamy PIL on EVM is coming up for hearing in Supreme Court on Aug 22nd.

Timeline from 2013 for VVPAT below:
1) Apr 2013, ECI informed Supreme Court  that VVPAT machine design is ready and just a matter of getting funding from Central Govt

2)  May 2013, ECI demonstrated VVPAT machines to all political parties and got their agreement with timeline of how they determined right design after actual field trails and design enhancements

To understand the concerns of activists we have to go back to 2009 elections.

2009 Andhra Pradesh  EVM Fraud (state and central elections) – lagadapati precise prediction with thousands of EVMs lost and some sold as scrap
2009 State wide fraud (Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Assam, Manipur etc)
2009 Mysterious Spreadsheet found by activists on ECI website with election results even before ECI started counting (last slide has all links)
2009 Media coverage on ECI response to Mysterious spreadsheet
Court case on EVMs by Dr. Subramanian Swamy (Supreme Court hearing on Aug 22nd, 2013)

Other important links to put things in perspective:
Below are some very important links to put things in perspective,  about Hari demonstrating EVMs (see youtube video below) can be easily manipulated with Alex from USA and Rop from Netherlands in Indian media,  how stand alone EVMs are banned internationally across Europe and USA,  acceptance of research paper on manipulability of Indian EVM at prestigious ACM Computer Security Conference at Chicago 2010,  Dr. David Dill  (considered pioneer in election reforms in USA) statement on EVMs and invitation to ECI to USA etc, appearance of mysterious spreadsheet with election results on ECI website before ECI started counting.

Indian EVMs are a tragic story of bureaucrats who know little of technology carrying it to extreme and foolishly defending it and an establishment that finds it attractive to manipulate and subvert democracy.   The software is written by few programmers and burnt into a chip in Japan/USA which we cannot even verify what is put in there.  And these countries do not even use EVMs.   The whole idea fails basic premise of transparency which is best put by German Supreme Court which banned them unanimously in first hearing with one question:  ‘How can lay voter be assured that his/her vote is counted against a candidate they voted for after converting the vote into bits and bytes?  If voter needs experts to understand it, then it is not transparent’.   ECI under Naveen Chawla lied to nation that our EVM are different and not networked.  As you can see international experts speak, the EVMs banned in all mature democracies are also not networked, they were banned for simple reason of lack of transparency, not even because of any concerns of fraud that occurred, particularly in Europe.   In a corrupt country like India with Transparency international index close to Afghanisthan, this is the worst episode in Indian democracy.  These EVMs are not trusted in our own parliament with 543 votes, but it is foisted on the nation.  It is a matter of shame after all the events in 2009 that our ECI is still continuing these machines.
1) Video on how to manipulate a real EVM (by Hari and top international experts Alex/Rop)?
2) Prestigious ACM computer Security conference paper on Indian EVM (Chicago, 2010)
3) Dr. David Dill (Stanford) Video message to Election Commission on what India can learn from International Experience
4) Presentation on how EVMs are banned internationally
5) Top International computer security Experts write to Election Commission
6) ‘Democracy at Risk’, book by GVL Narasimha Rao
7) Did NDA lost to UPA in 2004 and 2009 elections due to EVMs.
8) Conference on EVM by Dr. Swamy with international experts in Chennai in 2010
9) Dr. David Dill (Stanford) write to Election Commission
10) Omesh Saigal (retd IAS ) write on EVM use
11) Omesh Saigal (retd IAS) presentation on EVM
12) Arrest and harassment of Hari by Election Commission (Naveen Chawla)

13) Journey of how it all started, on how activists took on EVM issue both in USA and India

14) Hari Prasad awarded prestigious Pioneer of the year award by US Electronic Frontier Foundation

15) Mysterious spreadsheet with election results before Election Commission started counting! (last slide has all links)

2009 state wide election fraud (other than AP)

In addition to large scale EVM manipulation in Andhra Pradesh given below, below are some more samples of 2009 election fraud across different states.    Under leadership of  Naveen Chawla as Chief Election Commissioner, Indian democracy was at the lowest.   If same EVMs are used in 2014 central elections, it will be a disaster to people’s mandate.  Establishment wants to buy not one, two lakh of these EVMs and combine State and Central elections.   Why have elections?

People say that there are booth captures  type issues with paper ballots also, but the transparency of simple paper ballot system allows us to recognize that is a ‘booth capture’ and take remedial action in an individual booth.  But in case of EVMs, as we saw in Andhra Pradesh in 2009 as well as many states, you can steal the whole or part of statewideelection without a trace!!!  

Mind you, if Hari Prasad accepted crores of rupees offers to fix state wide elections as far as North East, this would have been still more extensive.  He would have been rich, not put in jail for showing country that EVMs can be manipulated!!!
EVM fraud samples across different states (Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Manipur, Assam).  Also Paswan statement on how EVM is a tool to rig polls.
1) Maharashtra, a living den of EVM frauds (after AP)
Maharashtra is literally a living den of poll frauds.  One of our activists, witnessed herself a State Election Official telling two different party leaders that he will give fair share of constituencies to each party and it was no surprise, they hardly did any campaign where they were guaranteed.   ECI has a special prize for Maharashtra during municipal elections,  detachable memory modules,  read on below.   How come all the 26/11 Mumbai attack made little difference in the state, probably because of this!!
EVM-Maharashtra-Pune, Mirror
2) Tamilnadu:  EVM frustrated Tamilnadu voters
It is common knowledge from the court cases on the gift Naveen Chawla gave to Chidambaram.   Who cares the electorate?  

Who says Indian EVMs are failsafe? (PART 1) EVMs frustrated Tamil Nadu

In the U.K general elections, voters experienced problems with shortage of
paper ballots at many places. In the presidential elections in Philippines
held yesterday, voters had serious problems with the troubled nationwide
electronic voting (called the Automated Election System or AES) experience.

Whenever such problems were highlighted in the international media, the
Election Commission of India and its admirers in the media bragged about
its unrivalled achievements in ‘successful’ nationwide electronic voting
experience. Until the vulnerabilities of the electronic voting machines
(EVMs) were exposed by Indian and international experts, everybody believed
that the EVMs are the best thing that ever happened to the Indian democracy.

The case of Tamil Nadu in 2009 general elections perhaps qualifies as one
of the worst ever elections conducted using electronic voting machines.
Voters in hundreds of polling stations across Tamil Nadu experienced
serious problems on the polling day, May 13, 2009 due to malfunctioning
electronic voting machines.

In several polling stations, voting machines were replaced midway during
polling. In many others, voters’ complaints were ignored and the polling
was held even when the problem persisted.

Types of EVM related problems

The most common problems faced by the voters and the exact details of
polling stations where such problems occurred are as follows:

When the voters pressed the button to vote for one party, the light flashed
on another. (Permabalur parliamentary constituency (Manachanallur),
Villupuram P.C (Keezhappalayam, Namachivapuram, Melur, Thagamtheerthapuram,
Karunguzhi), Coimbatore P.C (polling station nos. 49 in the city, 13 and 14
in Singanallur assembly), Pollachi P.C (polling station no. 107)
Light did not flash after vote was ‘cast’ in the EVM (Perambalur P.C
(Veppanthattai), Thanjavur P.C (Booth No.162 in Mannargudi assembly)
EVM did not produce beep sound raising suspicions (Mayiladuthurai P.C
(Tandamthottam, Tirunarayur)
Buttons got stuck and did not function (Mayiladuthurai P.C (Vilandakandam
Panchayat, Cholanmaligai) Papanasam P.C (Ayyampetai, Ammapetai), Thanjavur
(Senthalai, Nagathi)
EVM gave continuous non-stop beep (Kumbakonam P.C (Tirunallur)
The voting machine did not make beep sound after casting the vote
(Mayiladuthurai P.C (Darasuram, Kumbakonam polling station no. 99,
Papanasam P.C (Keelakovil-158, Vlayapetai-179, Tiruvalanchuli-180,
Sundaraperumalkovil-183), Coimbatore P.C (Coimbatore North assembly-polling
station nos. 43, 47)
Multiple beeps were produced by the EVMs, but ignored by officials
(Coimbatore P.C (Singanallur assembly– polling station nos. 38, 165, 52,
150, 2, 13, 29, Coimbatore North assembly-polling station nos. 3,1) and
Pollachi P.C (PS No. 92)
The above list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. An exhaustive
compilation would show the exact scale of such failures.

Need for Post-poll Audit

One does not know whether these problems are technical glitches or a
result of election fraud because there has been no attempt on the part of
the Election Commission to carry out any post poll audit of the EVMs used
in elections.

Post election audit refers to an in-depth examination of the accuracy of
the voting process as a whole. With proper record keeping, an audit can
facilitate a step-by-step examination of how a voting machine recorded
ballots and computed vote totals to determine whether it performed
accurately or not. An audit can examine any aspect of the election process
that can be measured or recorded.

The Election Commission has not conducted any such audit or review till
date because it believes that the the Indian EVMs are “reliable, failsafe,
tamper proof and perfect”.

Let alone a post poll audit, it appears that the Election Commission does
not even have a proper record of how many voting machines have been found
defective, how many were replaced due to problems in the field and how many
failed to read the voting data from electronic memory after votes have been
cast by people.

Is this sort of accountability what the rest of the world should emulate?
Come on, let us first reform our own voting system and fix our problems
before embarking on an audacious journey of teaching others about our ‘best

I can be reached at


3) Manipur Elections, very juicy stuff


Very interesting read,  ‘The fact that 10 EVMs were brought to the residence of the then DC, Pankaj Kumar Pal, is now an open secret.   It gets more juicy.

EVM, Manipur elections
4) Assam Poll Fraud (even before 2009)
EVM, Assam
5) EVM, a Tool for rigging polls, Vilas Paswan, The Hindu
This poor fellow would have been a dying voice but for activists speaking all around the country
EVM, tool for rigging polls

Andhra Pradesh 2009 Election Fraud

Below are Telugu newspaper articles (Andhra Jyothy,  Eenadu) in 2009, expressing doubts on how can Congress Party Lagadapati could predict election results so accurately in both State and Center.   Here is video of Lagadapati prediction ( ).    Even the best pesophologists (those who study election trends) in the world cannot get it so accurate and that too both State and Centre at the same time!!!.   

Political parties raised the issue,  activists raised the issue, but Naveen Chawla challenged any EVM tampering.  (One can read his history on Wiki, he took health breaks during crucial ECI meetings to secretly talk to Congress party and leak confidential details of ECI).    A year later, it was not surprising that ECI found thousands of EVMs stolen and some found to be sold as scrap in Andhra Pradesh including around Lagadapati constituency!!  According to the news reports, these EVMs were extra send by ECI to state to conduct the elections that were held for both state and centre at the same time.
Here are links to thousands of missing EVMs. 
Fast forward and see what the noises we are hearing about 2014 elections.  There is move to combine State and Central elections and prepone elections to Nov 2014.  This will create a more favorable environment for major EVM fraud in select states and select constituencies.   To handle elections so close, per some reports ECI is buying lakh of additional EVMs!!   ECI will most likely hard pressed to staff and the additional EVMs combination will be a ripe ground.   Note that even without additional EVMs, those in the storage rooms with little supervision in local go downs will be ripe for a major fraud.  
So that the public know the extent of 2009 election fraud,  there is an activist who reported about spreadsheet on Election Commission website with winning candidates announced much before election counting has been completed.   When the activist raised the issue, he was hounded by IB continuously followed wherever he went.  Are we in British Raj or Indian Democracy, one wonder.   We are trying to locate the activist and more to come soon.   To this date, ECI has not followed up up on crores of rupees offered to Hari Prasad company in Hyderabad to fix elections full scale for as far as North East.  
With pressure from activists, ECI did multiple paper trails and determined on a machine after 2009 under Dr. Quraishi.  But they refused to take next step to secure these machines in spite of ample time, perhaps due to extreme pressure from establishment.   
This ECI ceased to serve the nation.   Either direct frauds like Naveen Chawla or spineless current ECI, they have killed Indian Democracy. 
1) Eeenadu article (June 16, 2009) – (also attached)
Those who do not know Telugu, the heading is, ‘How did Lagadapti announce results’- Doubt raised in party meeting about EVMs’.
The first few lines of the article says,  “Praja Rajyam Party leaders expressed doubt on what basis could Congress party MP Lagadapati announce election results so accurately.    They expressed doubts on functioning of EVM.    There is possibility for excepting the first few votes, to predetermine which candidate should get (maximum) votes.  If countries like America have stopped using EVMs, why would India need these EVMs.  They decided to have more discussion on this matter…..”
PRP Party on EVM in Eenadu
2) Andhra Jyothy (June 22, 2009)
The heading reads, ‘How did Lagadapati knew before hand?  Doubt expressed by Chiranjeevi candidates…’
The article reads,  “Prajarajyam Party leader Chiranjeevi expressed doubt how did congress party MP candidate Lagadapati knew beforehand that Congress party will get 157 MLA seats and 33 MP seats.  They expressed doubt that unless there is a fraud there is no way to be able to express election results with such accuracy.     They expressed frustration that there is some fraud related to EVMs….”
PRP Party on EVM in Andhra Jyothy

is 2014 election predetermined?

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Sat, Aug 3, 2013 at 10:56 PM
Subject: is 2014 election predetermined, see here thousands of EVMs stolen and even sold as scrap in 2009 elections
Cc:, vssampath <>, vssampath <>, HS Brahma <>, Dr Alok Shukla <>,,,,,

Below are various news articles (Andhra Jyothy, The Hindu etc) that appeared in various national and local newspapers on thousands of EVMs sold as scrap in 2009.   Let me reiterate Lagdapati accurately predicted both state and central elections results much before ECI did in Andhra Pradesh, which is impossible to do with such accuracy even with latest technologies in western countries.   Here is Lagadapati prediction on TV in 2009 at .   

It is not surprising few months later news media reported thousands of EVMs were sold as scrap both around Lagadapati constituency and beyond in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Per news reports, these EVMs were dispatched as additional quota in 2009!!  Now consider that 1 lakh EVMs are being purchased as additional quota for coming up central elections in 2014!!!   
To his credit, Dr. Quraishi understood the issue and country should appreciate and admire his efforts to tide over the corrupt system and bring transparency by championing paper trails.  However, the current ECI team has dragged its feet and now trying to maintain status quo in a possibly historic elections, perhaps becoming an unwitting partner to corrupt establishment.    

Now, for the respected officials who are pronouncing judgments on EVMs,  with all due respect, it does not make sense to talk something you know very little about.    Please consider, if these EVMs are perfect machines, why did ECI go into pain of having  trails with VVPAT machines (EVM with Paper receipt)?   Why was it announced to Supreme Court that ECI has zero’ed on a VVPAT machine and will procure them for India’s elections?   The organizers of the prestigious ACM Computer and Security conference understood how serious this issue is in a country known for corruption and where 30 to 40% are illiterate, and wanted to bring to light the issue for a nation of one sixth of humanity and they selected the paper by Hari/Alex/Rop as paper number one in Chicago, 2010.  ACM is one of the oldest and a very prestigious body in the computer arena.  No, it is not foreign conspiracy!!!  From what we understand,  it is not legal to use  EVMs in first place in India’s elections but ECI argument to SC that they got assent from all political parties that legitimized their use.   
We also hear these arguments  that India’s EVMs are not same as other countries,  starting from our man of ‘great repute’,  Mr. Naveen Chawla, . When German Supreme Court studied the case,  they did not go into what type of EVMs are being used.   They asked one simple question.  Can a layman understand the process used ‘from the time the voting to a candidate is done by a press of button to the point that vote is counted for the candidate they chose’.   Once the click of vote is made, that information becomes bits and bytes, and layman has no clue what happened and it requires an expert to authenticate any doubt voter may have.   This, the respected judges quickly recognized is simply not transparent and stopped any use of any EVMs in Germany since then.   They did not go into further arguments and it was unanimous judgment!!!  It is just one sitting of Supreme Court, that is it!!!   (Full judgment of German Supreme Court is at our website ).   Leave alone all other arguments, how can we have any elections without transparency ?    
Another argument we hear is with paper ballot also we have the issue of booth captures.  When that happened, you knew there was a ‘capture’, i.,e the transparency of paper ballot system helped us detect the capture right away and it can be acted upon.    However, in case of EVM, we can have the whole election stolen without a clue by simple manipulation of the EVMs.    I hope you get the point of transparency and the reason why mature democracies including UK has rejected the stand alone EVMs.  
It is very important for public to know that until EVMs started to be used in 2004, in every election in India starting from 1996, the exit polls in central elections matched closely to real election results announced (which is case in all mature democracies).   From 2004 when large number of EVMs started being used, it went completely upside down.   See the table below from book ‘Democracy at risk’ by Narasimha Rao an activist who does poll predictions as an occupation ( ).
Also, please do not look down upon activists.   The changes in the world around are possible only by activists.   Mahatma Gandhi is an activist,  Subash Chandra Bose is an activist.   From French revolutions to our own India’s independence movements to today anti-corruption movements  is done by sacrifices of activists around the world.   It is activist Ulrich Wiesner, a computer consultant from Germany who took on his own to bring up EVM issue to German Supreme Court and hired German Supreme Court lawyer Till Jaeger and was able to prove they are not transparent in one sitting.   (Till Jaeger spend one week in India to attend Dr. Swamy conference in Mumbai at our request).  So are others (Rop/Alex) who helped Hari to make the video to demonstrate how vulnerable our EVM machines are.  Alex advisor  Mr. Felten, head of prestigious Princeton Computer department is highly respected worldwide expert on computer security and he along with Alex and others did extensive work on EVM machines.   By the way, while India jailed Hari for showing our EVMs are vulnerable, US honor them to give their expert opinion on them, because Alex did similar exposure on US EVMs early on as well.   
Just because state elections are won by different parties has no basis that key central elections will not be manipulated where most power and money rests.   ECI would have absolutely no clue if few lines of code (called trojan in computer jargon) are embedded in new machines (or existing machines), which can be used to activate by seemingly innocuous key strokes.  Again, to win elections all it needs to compromise just few EVMs (less than 5% or even 1%) in handful (even 15 or 20) of 540 constituencies in today’s scenario!!!  Alex advisor,   Felten and team even showed how a trojan can be implemented in the code such that it does its job and disappears without a trace!!  ECI has become victim of their own overemphasis of the machines as solution for India’s electorate.  
Sadly, the ECI is manned by bureaucrats who spend all their life taking orders from political bosses.   That habit does not seem to go away even after they are in charge of independent institutions.  Please, it is not too late.   Let us bring transparency to our elections.  Is it too much for the India’s electorate, most of it struggling for their daily existence to worry about these issues, ask for a fair chance be given at least once every 5 years?   
Do we want to take chance with corrupt establishment that has  been siphoning away billions and stashing away and was able to manage without getting caught for last 60 years?  They even created a wonderful scheme to stash away loot without paying single rupee tax via a scam in the tax havens and bring back that money to spend in elections.   We are 1.2 billion people and an uneducated, corrupt Italian woman (did not do beyond 5th grade) is calling shots, see all details at  When NRIs took out full page Ad in New York Times in 2007 exposing her and they in turn sued for millions of dollars.   India is slowly coming to grips with it with experts quoting her legacy will be the period of worst corruption in the entire history of India.    Did you know the top lawyers hired by them in USA came back with different versions of what they think was wrongly said in the full page Ad because they are afraid of scrutiny of any of them.  Our institutions, from CBI exist to serve the corrupt.   They perfected to shut out opposition and even judges and stay in power.   
We are country of 1.2 billion people and cannot even get single digit gold medals in any international sport,  but we have perfected corruption.  Is it so difficult for this corrupt establishment to tamper elections with this dumb EVMs in important central elections?   Why did they make offers of crores to get Hari Prasad company fix the election in 2009 as far as from North East.  We are called a filthy nation where 1.2 billion people do not have a place to pee.  Do we want to continue this?    
It is time for “transparency”,  for paper ballots.  We cannot have other way.
4000 EVMs have gone “missing” in Andhra Pradesh: some stolen EVMs recovered from “scrap”
Andhra Jyothy,  Dec 5, 2010 (in Telugu)



4000 EVMs missing


Dispatched as additional quota in 2004 

Not clear if they reached districts at all!!

District collectors evasive on ‘missing’ EVMs Have they been misused?


6 EVMs traced in ‘scrap’ stores in Vijayawada


Hyderabad, December 4: There are already many controversies concerning EVMs. There are many doubts about their working. It has also been proved that it is not impossible to alter election results on EVMs. In this backdrop, doubts whether as many as 4000 EVMs exist or not has led to a furore in political circles. This has led to serious doubts whether these EVMs have been used to “favour” some parties or candidates owing to local pressures and other conditions prevailing there.


EVMs have been used nationwide for the first time in 2004 general elections. In Andhra Pradesh, elections to the state assembly were also held simultaneously with Lok Sabha polls in 2004. Then, the Election Commission had allotted two EVMs for each polling station. But..when some district collectors sought some more additional EVMs, the Election Commission complied with the request.


Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Khammam, Srikakulam, East Godavari, Prakasam, Cuudapah and Kurnool districts were given 100 to 300 additional EVMs as per their requirements. This way, an additional quantity of 4,000 EVMs was dispatched to these districts. After 2004, again in 2009, another round of general elections have been conducted to the Parliament and the state assembly.


It has been 20 months since general elections have been held. The office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Andhra Pradesh has now developed doubts about the additional EVMs sent to districts in 2004. It began to ask questions: “what happened to those EVMs? Have they been used in elections? If unused, why were they not returned? etc. etc.”


In October this year, the state CEO sent letters to the concerned district collectors asking if the additional EVMs sent to them in 2004 have reached them or not? It has been two months since but there has been no response from district collectors so far. Later, additional CEO sent two more letters to collectors. But, there has been no response from district collectors so far.


Where are they? What happened to them?


As they are unable to account for the additional EVMs procured six years ago, officials are a seriously worried lot. Has the EC been given account of additional 4000 EVMs procured by the state? Have the ‘missing’ EVMs been misused anywhere in 2009 elections under pressure from some quarters? These are doubts being expressed in political quarters.


EVMs are stored in constituencies amid tight security. They are moved to the polling stations just one day before polling. They are handed over to the presiding officers under the supervision of assistant returning officers. Details of EVMs dispatched to different polling stations are recorded.


Some political sources aver that all this happens securely in towns and cities but in rural and remote areas, these are not paid enough attention. So, the officials fear that the missing “additional EVMs’ could be misused by the ruling party leaders by pressurizing polling officials.


Stolen EVMs, from where?


Seven balloting units and 15 control units have been stolen from the store room in the office of the sub-collector, Vijayawada, Krishna district. Police have recovered six of the ballot units while they were being sold as “scrap.”


There is no trace of 15 control units stolen so far. Local officials are shocked by this incident. When the EVMs supposed to be in safe custody have reached scrap stores, they are left wondering what would be the fate of the missing 4000 additional EVMs supplied in 2004!!


But, officials are consoling themselves saying that they could not have been misused and collectors may have sent them somewhere. If that be so, questions are being raised as to why the collectors are not furnishing information sought by the state CEO. It is learnt that the Election Commission of India (ECI) has also expressed its dismay over the disappearance of the additional EVMs.


Notices to Collector, Krishna district


Election Commission of India has expressed its anger over the stolen EVMs in Krishna district. State chief Electoral Officer Bhanwar Lal has issued notices to the Piyush Kumar, district collector asking him how the EVMs meant to be in safe custody in strong rooms have surfaced in the market. He was instructed to file a complaint and investigate the matter.



Joint Collector Gourav Uppal has stated that the case of stolen EVMs was noticed on 28th last month. He further states that the EVMs used in 2009 general elections have been securely stored in warehouse godowns in Machilipatnam and additional EVMs which came from other districts have been stored in Vijayawada. How many EVMs have vanished from Vijayawada is still being assessed and a detailed investigation is being carried out in this regard, he added. Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO), Vijayawada Dharma Reddy has lodged a complaint last Friday regarding the stolen EVMs in the Suryaraopet police station.

This news item appeared on the front page of leading Telugu daily newspaper, Andhra Jyothy in its edition dated December 5, 2010. The article in Telugu is available at the following web link: /main&date=12/5/2010


This article is a verbatim English translation of the article published in Andhra Jyothy.




EVMs sold as scrap,  The Hindu,  Dec 2010
How every poll prediction scheme in India went awry after EVMs started being used in 2004
Source: Democracy at risk, GVL Narasimha Rao, (
Satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy



ECI stand on EVM shows India need bloodbath to restore itself

In a conference on corruption held just before Anna Hazare historic fast in New Delhi in 2011,  attended by elite of the country such as retired Supreme Court Judges, World Bank,  UNODC, Eurodad, Dr. Swamy, Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Baba Ramadev,  it was a retired Supreme Court Judge who quoted Mahatma Gandhi that ‘when the rulers becomes indifferent to suffering of the people, then people will resort to lynching them’.   (See on conference details)


I could not verify that Mahatma Gandhi who stand for non-violence said this, but maybe he is stating inevitable fact.   The current stand of ECI on EVM that can potentially wipe out last chance to reset the country shows that bloodbath may be necessary to reset itself or be prepared to take a course of divided India split up like the impoverished African nations. 

There must be one or both reasons for ECI taking this stance on the EVMs:

a) ECI officers have implicit agreement with corrupt establishment that by falling in line there will be plum posts post-retirement.

b)  ECI Babus do not have spine to stand up for the independence of ECI.

Given the potential disastrous consequences of using these dumb and manipulable EVMs, here is our proposal.   We can create a completely public trust that can match what corrupt establishment is promising to the ECI officials in benefits if you just do your duty.    At least we can save this country from going further abyss.    On the other hand, if the reason for ECI going for EVMs is because it does not have spine to stand up to corrupt establishment, then please step aside and have someone who can stand up until the elections are over.   

So that the public knows what happened (go to for all info)


1) To this date, ECI has not pursued offers made to Hari Prasad company with crores for fixing EVM as far as North East in 2009.   Instead the corrupt establishment jailed Hari Prasad for 10 days for simply demonstrating how Indian EVMs could be manipulated.  They did everything to destroy his software business and intimidate his employees.


2) To this date, ECI has no explanation why Lagadapati in 2009 predicted state and Central elections in Andhra Pradesh to the last digit which even American agencies with latest technologies could not predict.  ECI found thousands of EVMs being sold as scrap in and around Lagadapati constituency and to date ECI has simply no clue.   (see news item below).  On the other hand, the activist from Mumbai who loaned the real EVM to Hari Prasad was intimidated and threatened and most likely beaten up by Mumbai police.  (Mind you, the EVM was put back in the godown but that did not matter and ECI has no clue even that the EVM was taken out!!).   (Link from Hindu newspaper for thousands of EVMs sold as scrap: , also see below)


3) To this date, ECI has not opened their  EVM for public scrutiny.  In fact, in a recorded meeting with independent technologists analyzing vulnerability of EVM was quickly put a stop to.


4) ECI is making phony arguments that there are thousands of EVMs and no one potentially manipulate them.  The whole point is all it requires to manipulate less than 5% (even 1%) of the EVMs in just 15 to 20 of the constituencies where there is small differences in electoral votes.  In current scenario where no party get absolute majority, this has drastic consequences.


5) ECI brought technologists who have no clue about computer technology and pass their approval as seal of approval. 


6) Phony arguments about paper trail was put that paper is wasted (when just the whole amount of paper is less than 3 or 4 days of newspaper print in India!!).


7) ECI argument that paper ballot is too much to handle shows that the democracy does not exist for their convenience, particularly when they cannot find alternate secure mechanisms.   Even UK goes with paper ballot, so is all mature democracies have rejected these phony machines.  It is a matter of utmost shame that countries which has no problem with corruption has rejected them outright but India, the paragon of corrupt won’t leave them, perhaps that is why!!).


8) ECI is saying that even opposition parties win elections does not hold water.  The motivation to manipulate and compromise is very high and everything we have seen so far shows that every avenue to stay in power will be attempted.  All it needs is few EVMs in handful constituencies to grab power in India today.


9) ECI has made false arguments that the EVMs are safely stored.  The truth is between elections there is no ECI official safeguarding them and are under local IAS officer.   It is a child’s game to tip any person (if there is any) and get entry (think of them sold as scrap by thousands).   As one BBC interview said,  you can do anything in India, just have to have a right price.  In fact, only after activists raised the issue did they take any steps to into how safe they are!!

ECI has become another arm of corrupt establishment that will drive the final nail in the coffin of Indian Democracy where the corrupt masters has to stay in power, by hook and crook to protect their billions (and themselves).


India has to rise and demand paper ballots and nothing else.  ECI should be made to understood they exist to serve the nation not the corrupt establishment.   Indian Constitution guarantees transparent elections and just on that alone we got to stop these phony EVMs.


Satya Dosapati

Save Indian Democracy 

EVMs sold as scrap,  The Hindu,  Dec 2010
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Save Indian Democracy call to file PILs on EVMs in Indian Supreme Court

To whomsoever it may concern:

Save Indian Democracy would work with Indian counterparts to help finance for filing PILs by Indian Citizens in Supreme Court of India against blatant  ECI actions.   Our goal is to get many thousands of PILs filed in India Supreme Court.
In addition to alerting the Political parties, we are also pursuing sending petitions to Supreme Court  judges against puppet ECI bureaucrats who are seriously compromising India’s democracy in the face of overwhelming evidence,  perhaps in return for plum positions after their retirement. 
This is a serious case which political parties have not come to grip with, that there is great motivation and incentive to manipulate these so easily manipulable EVMs  particularly during central elections.   They are mistakenly thinking oppositions parties are also winning state elections and they should be fine.    The power center and most of the corrupt money in India is at the center and that is where maximum efforts will be made to compromise as seen in the past.
The way ECI has dragged its foot for last 5 years and now buying the same machines does not abode well for this country.   This is not an independent institution but turning out to be a puppet bureaucratic branch of corrupt establishment.
Our goal is simple, either go with paper trail or paper ballot.  We cannot take a chance NOW.
Satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy

video on how to manipulate real Indian EVM and prestigious ACM paper on Indian EVM!!!!

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From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Wed, Jul 31, 201v3 at 12:28 PM

Subject: video on how to manipulate real Indian EVM and prestigious ACM paper on Indian EVM!!!!

Cc:, vssampath <>, vssampath <>, HS Brahma <>,

Here is video that was done by Hari Prasad in Hyderabad along with Rop Gonggripjp (who was instrumental in getting EVMs banned in Netherlands) and Alex Halderman (foremost export on EVMs from USA) on how to manipulate a real India EVM.    It is a child’s play, even high school students can do this!!!   From Computer technology perspective, they are really dumb machines that can be easily manipulated with little safeguards.   They sit for many years in state go downs  under local IAS officer supervision between elections and ECI has really no clue on what happens to them.   They were found sold as scrap and ECI has no clue.  Tons of money was offered to Hari Prasad to help manipulate them as far as North East.   India has to rise up or the democracy in India is seriously compromised. All over world the mature democracies have rejected them.   
Video on how to manipulate real Indian EVMs?
Also, given below the paper published based on the above work showing on various number of ways to manipulate Indian EVMs (just some of the possible there are lot more). THIS PAPER WAS ACCEPTED AS NUMBER ONE IN PRESTIGIOUS ACM COMPUTER SECURITY CONFEERENCE IN CHICAGO IN 2010!! 
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EC stand on EVM will have disastrous consequences for 2014 elections

From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 11:14 PM
Subject: EC stand on EVM will have disastrous consequences for 2014 elections
Cc:, vssampath <>, vssampath <>, HS Brahma <>,

Many in India still have not come to grips the serious consequences of the status quo EC is maintaining by buying hundreds of thousands of EVMs that are easily manipulable.     Most constituencies in India are won by thin margins.   In current election scenarios where no party has absolute majority, this can a very drastic affect.  Just take this scenario:

Let us say without any EVM manipulation (say paper ballots), Party 1 would have secured 175 seats and Party 2 secured 145 seats.    Now, how can this election results manipulated.    Let us identify 15 constituencies where seats are known to won by thin margins.  Now all it takes is to manipulate as small as 5% EVMs (or even much less) in these 15 constituencies to tilt the favor from Party 1 to Party 2.  Each party now have 160 seats and neither has majority!!!    So, we changed the whole power scenario by manipulating just a tiny portion of the EVMs in a handful of constituencies.
Does EC not know that these are being manipulated?  They have not pursued one case so far when Hyderabad company of Hari Prasad was getting so many offers with crores of rupees from political masters begging for a price to fix them from as far as North East in 2009.   On the other hand, they jailed Hari Prasad for demonstrating on national TV on how easy to manipulate them.    A paper on the easiness of manipulation of the Indian EVMs, was paper Number one in the most prestigious ACM Computer Security Conference in Chicago around 2010!!    They were sold as scrap in the constituency of a fellow who predicted elections accurately which no country could do!!! But then our EC does not seem to care.
There is a famous quote by Einstein that ‘The world is a dangerous place not because of evil people but because of good people who do nothing about it’.    It is a matter of shame and of total abdication of Election Commission to continue these EVMs, particularly when everything possible will be tried to manipulate elections.   Has EC become another division of political masters?   Our democracy was lined after British and even British have vehemently rejected the machines and continued with paper ballots.   All over Europe they are rejected, why would EC want to compromise the country future?
While lone Dr. Swamy pursuing this in Supreme Court,  it is time for citizens secure the EC back for the nation, not political masters.   Country has to take back EC from bureaucrats who do not understand what is to be independent,  who cannot stand up for country and  who are snuffing away the hope of 1.2 billion Indians.
It is time every Indian to campaign, to demonstrate, perform Dharnas/strikes in front of EC and take it back to the nation.    Otherwise, this country may be losing one chance to recover and slip into one like Africa.
The country should go for paper ballots and nothing else for 2014 elections.  EC should be made to serve this nation.
For those who want to know more about this please go to: .
satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy

SID writes to EC on buying more of same EVMs

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From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:17 PM
Subject: EC buying thousands of same EVMs
To:, vssampath <>, vssampath <>, HS Brahma <>,
Dear Chief Election Commissioner,
There must be a good reason why EC waited for 2 years in not pursuing the paper trail and now EC wants to buy hundreds of thousands of same EVMs that are shown to be easily manipulatable.
It is a tragedy that EC has not shown independence as enshrined in India’s constitution and working as hand maidens of the Government that is run down with one major scandal after another. It is a matter of sadness that even Pakistan Supreme Court under oppressive military establishment showed the spine to stand up but independent institutions in India are so lagging. The corrupt establishment has wiped away livelihood of millions with India being home one third of global poor and every second child is malnourished. We have China boot kicking us one one side, terrorism being politicized and a few sucking away nations wealth in collusion with politicians. Please consider whether you have done what is best for the country and done your duty to your position?
To this day EC has not pursued the many who have approached Hari Prasad company asking for price to fix the EVMs as far as North East. To this day, EC has not answered how many thousand EVMs were found to be sold as scrap from the constituency of Lagadapati who have accurately predicted the election results both in state and center, which even mature democracies with latest technologies like US cannot predict. Only after activists pointed did EC did even take steps to secure the EVMs. It took one sitting of Supreme Court in Germany to put a complete stop to it and go to paper ballots, it took short time in Netherlands after more than decade of usage to put a complete stop to it and go to paper ballots and they are not struggling with corruption, but here we are are notorious for being a model of corruption and corrupt with the Transparency ranking next to Afghanisthan and our EC has been dragging its feet. Now when the time comes for a possibly historic and decisive elections you maintain status quo.
I apologize if it comes across hard on you, but you have failed in protecting the democracy of our country by just being another bureaucrat doing what you are told with your head down. Please reflect on what you your legacy will be after you leave the position. You can dismiss us, you cannot dismiss your conscience and you cannot dismiss the future history.
Satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy

EC buying thousands of same EVMs

The Times of India

Election Commission prepares for early polls, orders more EVMs

PTI Jul 28, 2013, 08.29PM IST
(“We have placed a fresh order…)

NEW DELHI: Amid speculation over early Lok Sabha polls, the Election Commission is gearing itself up for holding the mammoth exercise along with assembly elections in five states due later this year by ordering additional EVMs.

The EC has placed fresh order for two lakh electronic voting machines (EVMs) to public-sector companies as the present lot of EVMs cannot meet the demand in case elections are held simultaneously, highly placed sources said.

“We have placed a fresh order of EVMs as the present total of around 14 lakh EVMs is not enough to hold simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and five state assemblies later this year,” a senior EC official told PTI.

Sources said the order has been placed with public-sector BHEL and ECIL and the delivery is expected by September- October, the time the assembly polls are expected to be announced by the poll body.

They said the EC required around 16 lakh EVMs in the event of holding simultaneous polls.

Half of the 14 lakh EVMs were procured before 2006 and there were possibilities of their breaking down. While the pre-2006 EVMs cater to around 800 voters, the new ones allow around 2,000 voters to exercise their franchise.

As per EC data, the country has a total electorate of around 78.86 crore, while the five states where Assembly polls are due later this year — Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram — have an electorate of around 12 crore.