Press Release: Persons of Indian Origin request Election Commission of India on procedures to contest in India’s Lok Sabha Elections



Contact:  Save Indian Democracy, Satya Dosapati,

Persons of Indian Origin request Election Commission of India for procedures to contest in India’s Lok Sabha Elections
New York, Apr 22, 2019:   Save Indian Democracy, an Organization based in USA that played instrumental role in India getting VVPAT EVMs in 2010 is being approached by Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) who are not citizens of India to help with getting a formal procedure to contest in India’s Lok Sabha Elections from Election Commission of India.    PIOs from United States, UK, Australia, Singapore have expressed deep interest in contesting in India’s Lok Sabha elections.
While it was earlier thought that in order to contest in India’s election a candidate needed to be an Indian Citizen, it is now being understood that either there can be exceptions made or the law is not necessarily followed.  For example the news media is reporting that Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress candidate from two constituencies is known to have two Indian passports under different names as well as a British Passport and an Italian Passport.    Similarly Priyanka Gandhi who is known to be Italian Citizen is planning to contest in one of the UP constituencies.
PIO’s have strong bonds to India and want to take time away from their regular employment for few years and contribute to India’s development.   Save Indian Democracy is proud to facilitate for PIOs worldwide to contribute to vibrant India’s democracy by contesting in India’s elections and provide their talents for India’s development when elected.
For further information, contact Satya Dosapati at
Satya Dosapati for Save Indian Democracy

Mr. Sampath, please stop playing dangerous game with democracy

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From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Thu, May 8, 2014 at 8:37 PM
Subject: Mr. Sampath, please stop playing dangerous game with democracy
To: Save Indian Democracy <>

Dear Mr. Sampath,

It is destiny that has chosen you to lead India’s elections at a critical time in India’s history.   Groomed throughout your lifetime as a bureaucrat playing second fiddle to politicians, you do not seem to understand the significance of the position you are holding or the significance of the period in India’s history you are holding this position.    This is not about Modi, this is not about BJP,  this is about people’s will, this is about India’s democracy which you are entrusted to protect and execute.

It is said that a coward is more dangerous than a crooked.   The timidity EC has displayed during this election leaves a lot to be desired and questions your eligibility to the position of Chief Election Commissioner of this great country.  Your timidity may stem from your lifetime obedience to bosses,  or perhaps the truth in allegations of your disproportionate wealth and your alleged involvement in various scams from Coalgate to Airbus scams.

If in your mind you think you can play partisan with your responsibilities, please think again.  It only enhances those whom you try to suppress.   If you think the security cover given by corrupt establishment will save you after elections, please think again.   The rage of 1.2 billion Indians will not save you and your fellow commissioners.

Your actions are putting India’s democracy at a great peril that will have tremendous consequences.   Please recoup your sources and do your duty, as one great India’s figure said, Just do your duty, rest will take care of itself.



Save Indian Democracy

Democracy Under Sieze – Anupam Saraph

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FIR for NaMO, how about FIR on CEC Sampath for lakhs of missing voters

FIR for NaMo for displaying symbol and carried over by channels.

How about  EC and Mr. Sampath who did nothing when literally lacs of voters are missing?   Between Pune and Mumbai up to six lacs voters?  Should there not be an FIR against Mr. Sampath?
How about Mr. Sampath who is supposed to refresh voter lists every 5 years and has done nothing?
How about Mr Sampath not complying with SC order to procure VVPAT (EVM with paper trail) and did nothing?
What about Election Commission did nothing when EC website showed results before starting counting in 2009? No investigation still today?
What about literally declaring Chidambaram winner after the opposition candidate was announced as winner in 2009?

What about Election Commissioner Chawla  taking health break and passing EC meetings details to Congress?
When Rahul Gandhi violated code of conduct,  was there an FIR?
What about when Islamist spread a message to cut Modi to pieces and EC did nothing?
The list goes on and on…..
Even if Modi made a mistake, why did the channels carry it?   Was he addressing a rally?
When lacs of crores are looted from the nation, there is no charge but here is cowardly EC that lost its bearings and placing the FIRs.    
I am not saying they they should NOT do what is necessary, but where have they done anything so far when elections were literally stolen.
Let the country men file FIRs and PILs against the incompetent and cowardly manner in which Election Commission handled it.

ECI is not upto task – worsening situation

Mr. Sampath, India’s future is in your hands

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From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 5:52 PM
Subject: Mr. Sampath, India’s future is in your hands
To: contact@saveindiandemocracy.org1

Dear Honorable Chief Election Commissioner Sampath,

The elections which destiny has set you to preside over is nothing short of historic.   What happens in this elections can be a turning point whether India will survive as one country and prosper or eventually disintegrate and mostly destroyed.
When our forefathers created the constitution they ensured that Election Commission of India is independent and will ensure free and fair elections.   Since independence, in spite of many shortfalls, Election Commission has protected the voters mandate for many years.    However, 2009 Elections  is a watershed of Indian democracy that will be remembered as a shameful episode of India’s Election Commission where it is alleged not just failed to do its duty but even participated in undemocratic to downright unlawful activities.
In the days coming ahead, India will watch whether the institution you head will keep up to the promises of founding fathers.   Will it again see the days of EVM fixers going for asking for a price from North East to Maharashtra to South India to fix the elections?   Will there be allegedly fraudulent reversal of vote such as that which made  PC Chidambaram a winning candidate?    Will it again see thousands of EVMs supposed to be have been used for elections found to be sold as scrap?    Will it see those who are alleged to be associated with subcontractors of the EVMs announce the precise election results even before Election Commission even start counting?   Will country see faulty EVMs such as that happened across Tamilnadu?

How will Election Commission account for the least secure EVMs used in ruling party Congress states be fair?  How will Election Commission account for the voting counts being found on Election Commission website even before Election Commission started counting?    How will Election Commission account for many leaders including those like Laloo Yadav himself inquiring price for fixing EVMs?  How will Election Commission account for those in power taking EVMs to their places for manipulations in North East?   How will Election commission account for reports that thousands of crores are allocated to manipulate EVMs in 2014 elections?

In spite of the failings in 2009, Dr. Qureshi who headed the CEC after 2009 elections has made a great turnaround overriding many challenges.   He has proven that a right leadership can change things in spite of challenges.  Will that continue under your leadership?
Will India survive?  It is in your hands and you will be responsible for it.
We wish you success.


Save Indian Democracy


Bogus Voter Lists – the next biggest challenge after EVMs

It is believed anywhere up to 25% of the voter lists that are bogus in many constituencies in the country.   The hemorrhage of India’s electoral process over the last few decades, particularly since Indira Gandhi is so mind boggling.   Here are few things that would be of concern to anyone.  Delhi alone had about 14 lakhs bogus voters, 80,000 valid voter cards for dead people and a massive scam (see news item below) where ECI has taken action on 80 of their own officials.  If Delhi has such a problem, what about every other constituency in the country?

1) New Voter Lists:  From what we understand,  according to People Representative Act of India, ECI is supposed to create a block by block constituency list every 4 or 5 years.  To date such as country wide list has not been done during last 5 years.  See news items below on various scams in different parts of the country.

2) Atishay Infotech,  no information available on this sole company in country that prepares the voter lists:  The voter lists for the whole country is prepared by only one company located in Bhopal, MP called Atishay Infotech location.   I understand no one knows the details of this company.   What process was used to select this company?  How can we be sure there is no political influence and they are not compromised?   Who is auditing their work?  Given the corruption level in this country, how can we be sure they are not compromised (see below)?
3) Voter Lists provided by Atishay does not allow for any cross check:   Apparently, we can get a voter list from Atishay but they give block data without sorting by address so there is no easy way to cross check if all voters homes are covered.   More interesting is they only put 20 characters for the voter address to make it really useless for any analysis.   What is the motivation for this?   Is there a sinister design so as not to not allow cross check the data.
4) Process used to make the voter lists, done by political parties, not ECI:   Apparently the process used to collect voter lists is on the shoulders of political parties!   Each party submits voter lists and all the lists are combined with duplicates removed by an appointed State ECI/District Election Officer (additional Collector or District Collector) who coordinates  data entry of the voter list data.  They then send an electronic list to Atishay Infotech.   Atishay then compiles and send that list to ECI.    ECI argument is it is in each party self interest to actively get voters in the neighborhoods that are most likely to vote for them.  Here is catch.  Not every party necessarily has resources to get list of voters from all areas that would be of most favorable to them.    There is no check by ECI if all areas in constituency are covered.
Here are some recent news on bogus voter lists, scams, from New Delhi to Assam to Maharashtra.

Delhi hit by massive poll scam: Election commission unearths 13 lakh bogus voters and over 80,000 valid voter cards for dead people  


PUBLISHED: 16:35 EST, 13 August 2013 | UPDATED: 16:35 EST, 13 August 2013


The office of the Delhi Chief Election Commissioner has uncovered a massive electoral scam involving the use of forged documents to obtain voter identity cards for suspected Bangladesh nationals, 13 lakh bogus voters and inflated voter numbers per family in about 20,000 households.

Huge irregularities have been unearthed in the old electoral rolls of the city, resulting in the deleting of the names of about 13 lakh bogus voters from the old list over the last few months.

Surprisingly, during a revision exercise, officials found over 80,000 valid voter cards for dead people. The election office is now engaged in a summary revision. The Delhi Election Commission has deleted 13 lakh names as they were “bogus” voters.


A number of complaints about fake voters registered by various political parties have been received in the run-up to the Delhi Assembly polls

“They are basically ineligible. Many of them are dead, many have shifted from their original place, and many are those who are already listed. There are instances in which people get new voter cards after shifting from one place to another but they don’t get their names deleted from the former place,” added the officer.

Dev said the revision of electoral rolls is still on and a final list will be published on September 2.

“So far there are a total 1.12 crore voters in the city after the deleting of ineligible names. We hope that about 2-3 lakh more voters will be added to the list,” he added.

In the latest case, officials found that forged Aadhar cards were used by a group of people suspected to be Bangladeshi immigrants. Suspecting this could be just part of a large-scale racket aimed at getting people unauthorised citizenship, an FIR has been registered and an investigation initiated.

The Delhi Election Commission has also started cracking down on officials suspected of involvement in various offences, including criminal offences. About 80 officials have already been penalised for various reasons, including for accepting bribes while on election duty.

The scams do not end here. Delhi state chief election officer (CEO) Vijay Dev told Mail Today: “Over 22,000 households with more than 20 members (per family) on the electoral rolls have been identified. Officials find this unusual and feel instances of forgery can’t be ruled out here.”

Speaking about the latest case of forgery, Vijay Dev said: “A large-scale scam by those having no identity cards can’t be denied in this case… We have lodged a case with the police and requested them to investigate further. There may be more people using forged identity papers or address proof to get voter identity cards. In the present case, 32 persons were found involved in forgery.”

Electoral officials discovered the fraud while scanning documents.

“While going through the documents, they noticed Aadhar cards ending with the same numbers. On closer inspection, they found that photocopies of the same Aadhar cards had been used with different photographs. For proof of address they had used the same electricity bills as well,” added Dev.

The officer said the involvement of Bangladeshi immigrants is strongly suspected. “It may be a huge racket. They look for Indian citizenship. And, after getting voter cards, they could have got genuine Aadhar cards,” he added.

Dev said that the Delhi Assembly elections are near and many complaints about fake voters registered by various political parties against their rivals have been received. There may be some politically-motivated complaints, but all are being verified.

Electoral officers detected another type of fraud related to the electoral rolls.

“This is a case of one building and many names. There are 22,045 households in the city with more than 20 members each. Out of these, 1,810 households have more than 50 members, which is very unlikely and forgery in electoral rolls of such households is strongly suspected,” added Dev.

The CEO is keeping close a eye on activities of officials deployed on election duty. “So far 82 officials have been punished. Many of them have been suspended and, in many cases, FIRs have been registered as they were found involved in criminal activities,” he added
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Assam Tribune masthead
Centre against deleting 40 lakh D-voters’ names

NEW DELHI, Aug 10 – Amid continuing violence in Assam, the Centre has told the Supreme Court that it would not be possible to delete names of 40 lakh doubtful voters from the State on the basis of their religious or linguistic profile as it would be unconstitutional, reports PTI.The Centre rejected the allegation of NGO Assam Public Works that over 40 lakh illegal migrants from Bangladesh had got their names entered in the electoral rolls and they should forthwith be deported.

In an affidavit placed before a bench of justices P Sathasivam and Ranjan Gogoi on Thursday, the Centre, however, assured the court that it was committed to weed out illegal migrants from the State.

The apex court, while taking on record the affidavit, posted the matter for further hearing to November 6.

The Centre said as a matter of policy it does not support any kind of illegal migration either into its territory or illegal immigration of its citizens to foreign territories.

“Curbing illegal migration into the country is a priority since it has serious security, economic and societal ramifications,” it said.

The government said it has been issuing instructions from time to time to all States and Union territories on the need to detect and deport Bangladeshi nationals found to be staying in India.

“Identification of persons with doubtful Indian nationality in the electoral rolls began with the intensive revision of electoral rolls in 1997-persons who could not provide evidence in favour of their Indian nationality at the time of verification were marked as “D” in the electoral rolls so as to indicate their doubtful/disputed nationality status and these cases were referred to the competent tribunal for determination of their nationality.

“Such D voters are neither allowed to contest elections nor cast votes during elections. The electoral rolls figures from 2005 are accurate and authentic.

“Any so called abnormal growth, in the electoral rolls does not imply that the rolls contain the names of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and the contention made regarding presence of illegal Bangladesh migrants in the electoral rolls is completely presumptuous,” the Centre claimed.

According to the government, to curb illegal infiltration it has strengthened the BSF equipping it with modern and sophisticated equipment/gadgets; raising of additional battalions, intensified patrolling and taken up other measures.

It said 36 foreigners tribunals have been set up to detect, declare and deport foreign nationals who have illegally infiltrated into Assam after the cut-off date of March 24, 1971.

“The government is committed to the detection and deportation of illegal migrants of post March 24, 1971 in conformity with the provisions of the Foreigners Act, 1946 and Foreigners Tribunal Order 1964 through the 36 foreigners tribunals,”it said.

Our Spl Correspondent adds: A Writ Petition filed by Assam Public Works on February 22 in the apex court has alleged that the voters list of Assam is infested with foreigners and as a result in the 2011 election, 18 seats were won by AIUDF, which favoured Bangladeshi foreigners and are likely to win 8-20 additional seats in the next elections, as the 2011 election trend suggests, unless the voters list is corrected before the next election.

The APW has pleaded for a direction to the Government of Assam and Government ofIndia to undertake the update work of NRC only after the completion of certain prerequisites.

The Economic Times

BJP alleges “manipulative revision” of voters list in Mumbai

PTI Sep 6, 2013, 06.24PM IST
(BJP today alleged manipulation…)

MUMBAI: BJP today alleged manipulation in revision of voters list in Mumbai, claiming names of valid voters in segments where Opposition had a good following were deleted on a large scale.

“In the Congress-held Mankhurd assembly segment 786 names were deleted, while in BJP stronghold Mulund, 35,714 voters were struck off the rolls,” BJP leader Kirit Somaiya said.