Nov 2010 Hari US Trip

Click here for Hari EFF Award Acceptance Speech

Below are Hari’s trip schedule with brief background and sampling of widespread international and national media coverage

Hari’s Trip Schedule:

Thu, Oct 28th, 4PM, Princeton, NJ,  Princeton University: Princeton, NJ,  by Alex Halderman

Sun,  Oct 31st,  11:45AM, Edison, NJ, Community Event: TV Asia (to be finalized) with Alex Halderman(?),  Upendra Chivukula (?),  Frank Pallone (?) by Satya Dosapati

Wed, Nov 3rd, San Jose, CA, Google HQ Lecture: by Alex Halderman

Thu,  Nov 4th, Berkeley, CA, University of Berkeley Guest Lecture: by  Alex Halderman

Mon, Nov 8th, San Francisco, CA, EFF Award Ceremony: 111 Minna Gallery, 111 Minna Street, 6:30PM, by EFF and Jim Tyre

Fri, Nov 12th,  Boston, MA, MIT Seminar: by Alex Halderman

Sun, Nov 14th, Atlanta, GA, Community Event: by Vinay Kumar, Amitabh Sharma, Dhiru Shah, Subash Razdaan

Wed,  Nov 17th,  Detroit, MI, University of Michigan Lecture: by Alex Halderman

Fri, Nov 19th,  Detroit, MI, Community Event Vasu, NRI TDP

Sat, Nov 20th, Chicago, IL, Community Event by Prasad Yalamanchi,  Madhu Patel, Amar

Sun, Nov 21st, Dallas, TX, Community Event Prakasa Rao, Kalyan Viswanathan

Invitation to US Events

Save Indian Democracy invites you to join in honoring Hari Prasad visiting US to receive the  Pioneer of the year award from prestigious Electronic Frontier Foundation in US.  Hari is awarded for standing up for truth  by pointing out thatElectronic Voting Machines (EVM) used in India’s elections are tamperable and are a great risk to democracy of India.   He endured jail time and harassment but stood by it. A sampling of extensive national as well as international media coverage is at the end.

Click here for detailed journey of the developments Since last year.

The technical paper Hari produced on tamperability of India’s EVM with  international experts was recently selected as Number one by the highly regardedACM Conference on Computers and Communications security.

Today Hari is well respected for his work in India and after initial reluctance, Election Commission of India is prepared to dialogue with Hari for genuine reform in the electoral process in India. He has become the face of the many activists working selflessly for the country.

The study of Indian EVM with international experts was made possible by efforts of few NRI’s under the name of ‘Save Indian Democracy’ ( seehttp://SaveIndianDemocracy ) over the last one year working with Indian counterpart VeTA  (Verification, Transparency and Accountability in Elections).

In Feb 2010, Save Indian Democracy based in US took the best international expertsDr. Alex Halderman from US (Michigan University Computer Security research professor who hacked US EVMs and did work for CA state on US EVMs),  Rop Gongrijjp from Netherlands (who was instrumental in banning EVMs in Netherlands after 2 decades of use)  and Dr. Till Jaeger from Germany (attorney who argued the German Supreme Court case that banned EVMs in Germany) to India and held  different conferences and addressed media.

During that time the researchers along with Hari hacked real EVMs and went on Indian TV exposing the threat to democracy (here is video and technical paper). has all details with has latest updates from Indian side (VeTA).

For detailed background on the whole issue visit:

Sample Media Coverage (internationally and nationally)

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