Germany Supreme Court Justices effectively outlawed EVMs


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The Justices of German court did what no other court would do in Europe or the United States.  They effectively outlawed electronic voting.  On March 3, 2009, the German Federal Constitutional Court declared that the electronic voting machines used in the 2005 Bundestag elections for the German national parliament were outside of the bounds of the German Constitution.

They reasoned that electronic voting is not verifiable because citizen votes are counted in secret.  It obscured a technology inaccessible to all but a very few initiates.  Most importantly, the German high court noted, electronic voting machines don’t allow citizens to “reliably examine, when the vote is cast, whether the vote has been recorded in an unadulterated manner” Mar. 3, 2009.

The written opinion effectively bars electronic voting in future elections based on the complexity of voting machines and the inability of voters to watch their vote being counted.  This raises the bar of acceptability well above the meaningless solutions offered by “paper trails” for touch screen votIing or the so-called “paper ballots” for computerized optical scan voting machines, the most popular form of voting in the United States.


This success was achieved by Physicist Ulrich Wiesner, PhD and Prof. Joachim Wiesner, PhD, an eminent German political scientist, who brought suit against the use of electronic voting machines in the 2005 Bundestag elections.  The evidence gathered supported the findings of the court described above.  While both Wiesner’s on the suit have PhD’s and distinguished careers, they brought the landmark case on their own as citizens.  Undeterred by the odds and the dismissal of German politicians, they stood by their cause and won.   A presentation given by Ulrich Wiesner to Open Rights Group in 2007 on EVMs is available at

A two hour radio interview with Dr. Ulrich Wiesner along with US activists Bev Harris ( and Kathleen Wynne, who is former association of and part of  Hand Count Paper Ballots ( ) is given below.


Additional References:

An Interview with Dr. Ulrich Wiesner, by Kathleen Wynne

German Court Judgement on EVM

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