FIR for NaMO, how about FIR on CEC Sampath for lakhs of missing voters

FIR for NaMo for displaying symbol and carried over by channels.

How about  EC and Mr. Sampath who did nothing when literally lacs of voters are missing?   Between Pune and Mumbai up to six lacs voters?  Should there not be an FIR against Mr. Sampath?
How about Mr. Sampath who is supposed to refresh voter lists every 5 years and has done nothing?
How about Mr Sampath not complying with SC order to procure VVPAT (EVM with paper trail) and did nothing?
What about Election Commission did nothing when EC website showed results before starting counting in 2009? No investigation still today?
What about literally declaring Chidambaram winner after the opposition candidate was announced as winner in 2009?

What about Election Commissioner Chawla  taking health break and passing EC meetings details to Congress?
When Rahul Gandhi violated code of conduct,  was there an FIR?
What about when Islamist spread a message to cut Modi to pieces and EC did nothing?
The list goes on and on…..
Even if Modi made a mistake, why did the channels carry it?   Was he addressing a rally?
When lacs of crores are looted from the nation, there is no charge but here is cowardly EC that lost its bearings and placing the FIRs.    
I am not saying they they should NOT do what is necessary, but where have they done anything so far when elections were literally stolen.
Let the country men file FIRs and PILs against the incompetent and cowardly manner in which Election Commission handled it.

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