2014 Elections

April 20, 2014:

Indian prestigious Election Commission of India has seen its ups and it downs stooping to the lowest in 2009.    The missing of lakhs of voter lists in Pune along with EVMs manipulated so that all votes go to one party in Pune,  the many reports of EVM manipulations in the current elections  shows that the current ECI  leadership is not up to the task at hand and the country can potentially face the situation similar to 2009.

To this day, election commission has not put the list of candidates at hand for 2014 elections.  Many activists believe the ECI want to avoid the embarrassment as in 2009 when activists found the candidate list with voting counts before ECI has even started counting!!    ECI do not want to provide any opportunity for activists raise any issues by not providing very important information. This is a shameful and cowardly act of ECI abdicating its responsibility to provide transparency.

For years ECI sat on VVPAT (EVM with paper trail) and did not stand up to corrupt administration that refused to pay for these machines.  All they have to do is go back to paper ballots.   Even on voter lists my understanding is per law they have to refresh the voter lists every 5 years and none of that was done.   Instead of preparing for the challenges, ECI sat on these things for all these years and are worse prepared.   They simply ignored the repeated pleas of the activists and have put the country at a great risk.

It is time to take the ECI to take task.    The future of generations of Indians cannot be sacrificed due to inept and spineless Election Commission.   While some believe some of the officials have their own skeletons in the closet such as disproportionate wealth and are too scared to take firm action,  this is a travesty of India at a time it simply cannot afford.   This is Do or Die for the nation.

If this is the story in first phase, will India have a repeat of 2009.  

1) 1.5 lakh voters lists missing in Pune!!!



Palekar on Missing votes


Times Of India, Chorus seek answers for missing lists


2) EVMs gave all Votes going to Central Aviation Minister Praful Patel

Coverage of EVM machines that vote only for Praful Patel found in Bhndara on ABP Majha. AAP has already lodged a complaint with the local RO regarding this.


3) EVM Fails to register AAP votes in Kochi:




4) EVMs transferring all votes to one party (Congress) in Pune!!


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