Andhra Pradesh 2009 Election Fraud

Below are Telugu newspaper articles (Andhra Jyothy,  Eenadu) in 2009, expressing doubts on how can Congress Party Lagadapati could predict election results so accurately in both State and Center.   Here is video of Lagadapati prediction ( ).    Even the best pesophologists (those who study election trends) in the world cannot get it so accurate and that too both State and Centre at the same time!!!.   

Political parties raised the issue,  activists raised the issue, but Naveen Chawla challenged any EVM tampering.  (One can read his history on Wiki, he took health breaks during crucial ECI meetings to secretly talk to Congress party and leak confidential details of ECI).    A year later, it was not surprising that ECI found thousands of EVMs stolen and some found to be sold as scrap in Andhra Pradesh including around Lagadapati constituency!!  According to the news reports, these EVMs were extra send by ECI to state to conduct the elections that were held for both state and centre at the same time.
Here are links to thousands of missing EVMs. 
Fast forward and see what the noises we are hearing about 2014 elections.  There is move to combine State and Central elections and prepone elections to Nov 2014.  This will create a more favorable environment for major EVM fraud in select states and select constituencies.   To handle elections so close, per some reports ECI is buying lakh of additional EVMs!!   ECI will most likely hard pressed to staff and the additional EVMs combination will be a ripe ground.   Note that even without additional EVMs, those in the storage rooms with little supervision in local go downs will be ripe for a major fraud.  
So that the public know the extent of 2009 election fraud,  there is an activist who reported about spreadsheet on Election Commission website with winning candidates announced much before election counting has been completed.   When the activist raised the issue, he was hounded by IB continuously followed wherever he went.  Are we in British Raj or Indian Democracy, one wonder.   We are trying to locate the activist and more to come soon.   To this date, ECI has not followed up up on crores of rupees offered to Hari Prasad company in Hyderabad to fix elections full scale for as far as North East.  
With pressure from activists, ECI did multiple paper trails and determined on a machine after 2009 under Dr. Quraishi.  But they refused to take next step to secure these machines in spite of ample time, perhaps due to extreme pressure from establishment.   
This ECI ceased to serve the nation.   Either direct frauds like Naveen Chawla or spineless current ECI, they have killed Indian Democracy. 
1) Eeenadu article (June 16, 2009) – (also attached)
Those who do not know Telugu, the heading is, ‘How did Lagadapti announce results’- Doubt raised in party meeting about EVMs’.
The first few lines of the article says,  “Praja Rajyam Party leaders expressed doubt on what basis could Congress party MP Lagadapati announce election results so accurately.    They expressed doubts on functioning of EVM.    There is possibility for excepting the first few votes, to predetermine which candidate should get (maximum) votes.  If countries like America have stopped using EVMs, why would India need these EVMs.  They decided to have more discussion on this matter…..”
PRP Party on EVM in Eenadu
2) Andhra Jyothy (June 22, 2009)
The heading reads, ‘How did Lagadapati knew before hand?  Doubt expressed by Chiranjeevi candidates…’
The article reads,  “Prajarajyam Party leader Chiranjeevi expressed doubt how did congress party MP candidate Lagadapati knew beforehand that Congress party will get 157 MLA seats and 33 MP seats.  They expressed doubt that unless there is a fraud there is no way to be able to express election results with such accuracy.     They expressed frustration that there is some fraud related to EVMs….”
PRP Party on EVM in Andhra Jyothy

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