2009 state wide election fraud (other than AP)

In addition to large scale EVM manipulation in Andhra Pradesh given below, below are some more samples of 2009 election fraud across different states.    Under leadership of  Naveen Chawla as Chief Election Commissioner, Indian democracy was at the lowest.   If same EVMs are used in 2014 central elections, it will be a disaster to people’s mandate.  Establishment wants to buy not one, two lakh of these EVMs and combine State and Central elections.   Why have elections?

People say that there are booth captures  type issues with paper ballots also, but the transparency of simple paper ballot system allows us to recognize that is a ‘booth capture’ and take remedial action in an individual booth.  But in case of EVMs, as we saw in Andhra Pradesh in 2009 as well as many states, you can steal the whole or part of statewideelection without a trace!!!  

Mind you, if Hari Prasad accepted crores of rupees offers to fix state wide elections as far as North East, this would have been still more extensive.  He would have been rich, not put in jail for showing country that EVMs can be manipulated!!!
EVM fraud samples across different states (Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Manipur, Assam).  Also Paswan statement on how EVM is a tool to rig polls.
1) Maharashtra, a living den of EVM frauds (after AP)
Maharashtra is literally a living den of poll frauds.  One of our activists, witnessed herself a State Election Official telling two different party leaders that he will give fair share of constituencies to each party and it was no surprise, they hardly did any campaign where they were guaranteed.   ECI has a special prize for Maharashtra during municipal elections,  detachable memory modules,  read on below.   How come all the 26/11 Mumbai attack made little difference in the state, probably because of this!!
EVM-Maharashtra-Pune, Mirror
2) Tamilnadu:  EVM frustrated Tamilnadu voters
It is common knowledge from the court cases on the gift Naveen Chawla gave to Chidambaram.   Who cares the electorate?  

Who says Indian EVMs are failsafe? (PART 1) EVMs frustrated Tamil Nadu

In the U.K general elections, voters experienced problems with shortage of
paper ballots at many places. In the presidential elections in Philippines
held yesterday, voters had serious problems with the troubled nationwide
electronic voting (called the Automated Election System or AES) experience.

Whenever such problems were highlighted in the international media, the
Election Commission of India and its admirers in the media bragged about
its unrivalled achievements in ‘successful’ nationwide electronic voting
experience. Until the vulnerabilities of the electronic voting machines
(EVMs) were exposed by Indian and international experts, everybody believed
that the EVMs are the best thing that ever happened to the Indian democracy.

The case of Tamil Nadu in 2009 general elections perhaps qualifies as one
of the worst ever elections conducted using electronic voting machines.
Voters in hundreds of polling stations across Tamil Nadu experienced
serious problems on the polling day, May 13, 2009 due to malfunctioning
electronic voting machines.

In several polling stations, voting machines were replaced midway during
polling. In many others, voters’ complaints were ignored and the polling
was held even when the problem persisted.

Types of EVM related problems

The most common problems faced by the voters and the exact details of
polling stations where such problems occurred are as follows:

When the voters pressed the button to vote for one party, the light flashed
on another. (Permabalur parliamentary constituency (Manachanallur),
Villupuram P.C (Keezhappalayam, Namachivapuram, Melur, Thagamtheerthapuram,
Karunguzhi), Coimbatore P.C (polling station nos. 49 in the city, 13 and 14
in Singanallur assembly), Pollachi P.C (polling station no. 107)
Light did not flash after vote was ‘cast’ in the EVM (Perambalur P.C
(Veppanthattai), Thanjavur P.C (Booth No.162 in Mannargudi assembly)
EVM did not produce beep sound raising suspicions (Mayiladuthurai P.C
(Tandamthottam, Tirunarayur)
Buttons got stuck and did not function (Mayiladuthurai P.C (Vilandakandam
Panchayat, Cholanmaligai) Papanasam P.C (Ayyampetai, Ammapetai), Thanjavur
(Senthalai, Nagathi)
EVM gave continuous non-stop beep (Kumbakonam P.C (Tirunallur)
The voting machine did not make beep sound after casting the vote
(Mayiladuthurai P.C (Darasuram, Kumbakonam polling station no. 99,
Papanasam P.C (Keelakovil-158, Vlayapetai-179, Tiruvalanchuli-180,
Sundaraperumalkovil-183), Coimbatore P.C (Coimbatore North assembly-polling
station nos. 43, 47)
Multiple beeps were produced by the EVMs, but ignored by officials
(Coimbatore P.C (Singanallur assembly– polling station nos. 38, 165, 52,
150, 2, 13, 29, Coimbatore North assembly-polling station nos. 3,1) and
Pollachi P.C (PS No. 92)
The above list is only illustrative and not exhaustive. An exhaustive
compilation would show the exact scale of such failures.

Need for Post-poll Audit

One does not know whether these problems are technical glitches or a
result of election fraud because there has been no attempt on the part of
the Election Commission to carry out any post poll audit of the EVMs used
in elections.

Post election audit refers to an in-depth examination of the accuracy of
the voting process as a whole. With proper record keeping, an audit can
facilitate a step-by-step examination of how a voting machine recorded
ballots and computed vote totals to determine whether it performed
accurately or not. An audit can examine any aspect of the election process
that can be measured or recorded.

The Election Commission has not conducted any such audit or review till
date because it believes that the the Indian EVMs are “reliable, failsafe,
tamper proof and perfect”.

Let alone a post poll audit, it appears that the Election Commission does
not even have a proper record of how many voting machines have been found
defective, how many were replaced due to problems in the field and how many
failed to read the voting data from electronic memory after votes have been
cast by people.

Is this sort of accountability what the rest of the world should emulate?
Come on, let us first reform our own voting system and fix our problems
before embarking on an audacious journey of teaching others about our ‘best

I can be reached at nrao@indianEVM.com


3) Manipur Elections, very juicy stuff


Very interesting read,  ‘The fact that 10 EVMs were brought to the residence of the then DC, Pankaj Kumar Pal, is now an open secret.   It gets more juicy.

EVM, Manipur elections
4) Assam Poll Fraud (even before 2009)
EVM, Assam
5) EVM, a Tool for rigging polls, Vilas Paswan, The Hindu
This poor fellow would have been a dying voice but for activists speaking all around the country
EVM, tool for rigging polls

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