is 2014 election predetermined?

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Subject: is 2014 election predetermined, see here thousands of EVMs stolen and even sold as scrap in 2009 elections
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Below are various news articles (Andhra Jyothy, The Hindu etc) that appeared in various national and local newspapers on thousands of EVMs sold as scrap in 2009.   Let me reiterate Lagdapati accurately predicted both state and central elections results much before ECI did in Andhra Pradesh, which is impossible to do with such accuracy even with latest technologies in western countries.   Here is Lagadapati prediction on TV in 2009 at .   

It is not surprising few months later news media reported thousands of EVMs were sold as scrap both around Lagadapati constituency and beyond in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Per news reports, these EVMs were dispatched as additional quota in 2009!!  Now consider that 1 lakh EVMs are being purchased as additional quota for coming up central elections in 2014!!!   
To his credit, Dr. Quraishi understood the issue and country should appreciate and admire his efforts to tide over the corrupt system and bring transparency by championing paper trails.  However, the current ECI team has dragged its feet and now trying to maintain status quo in a possibly historic elections, perhaps becoming an unwitting partner to corrupt establishment.    

Now, for the respected officials who are pronouncing judgments on EVMs,  with all due respect, it does not make sense to talk something you know very little about.    Please consider, if these EVMs are perfect machines, why did ECI go into pain of having  trails with VVPAT machines (EVM with Paper receipt)?   Why was it announced to Supreme Court that ECI has zero’ed on a VVPAT machine and will procure them for India’s elections?   The organizers of the prestigious ACM Computer and Security conference understood how serious this issue is in a country known for corruption and where 30 to 40% are illiterate, and wanted to bring to light the issue for a nation of one sixth of humanity and they selected the paper by Hari/Alex/Rop as paper number one in Chicago, 2010.  ACM is one of the oldest and a very prestigious body in the computer arena.  No, it is not foreign conspiracy!!!  From what we understand,  it is not legal to use  EVMs in first place in India’s elections but ECI argument to SC that they got assent from all political parties that legitimized their use.   
We also hear these arguments  that India’s EVMs are not same as other countries,  starting from our man of ‘great repute’,  Mr. Naveen Chawla, . When German Supreme Court studied the case,  they did not go into what type of EVMs are being used.   They asked one simple question.  Can a layman understand the process used ‘from the time the voting to a candidate is done by a press of button to the point that vote is counted for the candidate they chose’.   Once the click of vote is made, that information becomes bits and bytes, and layman has no clue what happened and it requires an expert to authenticate any doubt voter may have.   This, the respected judges quickly recognized is simply not transparent and stopped any use of any EVMs in Germany since then.   They did not go into further arguments and it was unanimous judgment!!!  It is just one sitting of Supreme Court, that is it!!!   (Full judgment of German Supreme Court is at our website ).   Leave alone all other arguments, how can we have any elections without transparency ?    
Another argument we hear is with paper ballot also we have the issue of booth captures.  When that happened, you knew there was a ‘capture’, i.,e the transparency of paper ballot system helped us detect the capture right away and it can be acted upon.    However, in case of EVM, we can have the whole election stolen without a clue by simple manipulation of the EVMs.    I hope you get the point of transparency and the reason why mature democracies including UK has rejected the stand alone EVMs.  
It is very important for public to know that until EVMs started to be used in 2004, in every election in India starting from 1996, the exit polls in central elections matched closely to real election results announced (which is case in all mature democracies).   From 2004 when large number of EVMs started being used, it went completely upside down.   See the table below from book ‘Democracy at risk’ by Narasimha Rao an activist who does poll predictions as an occupation ( ).
Also, please do not look down upon activists.   The changes in the world around are possible only by activists.   Mahatma Gandhi is an activist,  Subash Chandra Bose is an activist.   From French revolutions to our own India’s independence movements to today anti-corruption movements  is done by sacrifices of activists around the world.   It is activist Ulrich Wiesner, a computer consultant from Germany who took on his own to bring up EVM issue to German Supreme Court and hired German Supreme Court lawyer Till Jaeger and was able to prove they are not transparent in one sitting.   (Till Jaeger spend one week in India to attend Dr. Swamy conference in Mumbai at our request).  So are others (Rop/Alex) who helped Hari to make the video to demonstrate how vulnerable our EVM machines are.  Alex advisor  Mr. Felten, head of prestigious Princeton Computer department is highly respected worldwide expert on computer security and he along with Alex and others did extensive work on EVM machines.   By the way, while India jailed Hari for showing our EVMs are vulnerable, US honor them to give their expert opinion on them, because Alex did similar exposure on US EVMs early on as well.   
Just because state elections are won by different parties has no basis that key central elections will not be manipulated where most power and money rests.   ECI would have absolutely no clue if few lines of code (called trojan in computer jargon) are embedded in new machines (or existing machines), which can be used to activate by seemingly innocuous key strokes.  Again, to win elections all it needs to compromise just few EVMs (less than 5% or even 1%) in handful (even 15 or 20) of 540 constituencies in today’s scenario!!!  Alex advisor,   Felten and team even showed how a trojan can be implemented in the code such that it does its job and disappears without a trace!!  ECI has become victim of their own overemphasis of the machines as solution for India’s electorate.  
Sadly, the ECI is manned by bureaucrats who spend all their life taking orders from political bosses.   That habit does not seem to go away even after they are in charge of independent institutions.  Please, it is not too late.   Let us bring transparency to our elections.  Is it too much for the India’s electorate, most of it struggling for their daily existence to worry about these issues, ask for a fair chance be given at least once every 5 years?   
Do we want to take chance with corrupt establishment that has  been siphoning away billions and stashing away and was able to manage without getting caught for last 60 years?  They even created a wonderful scheme to stash away loot without paying single rupee tax via a scam in the tax havens and bring back that money to spend in elections.   We are 1.2 billion people and an uneducated, corrupt Italian woman (did not do beyond 5th grade) is calling shots, see all details at  When NRIs took out full page Ad in New York Times in 2007 exposing her and they in turn sued for millions of dollars.   India is slowly coming to grips with it with experts quoting her legacy will be the period of worst corruption in the entire history of India.    Did you know the top lawyers hired by them in USA came back with different versions of what they think was wrongly said in the full page Ad because they are afraid of scrutiny of any of them.  Our institutions, from CBI exist to serve the corrupt.   They perfected to shut out opposition and even judges and stay in power.   
We are country of 1.2 billion people and cannot even get single digit gold medals in any international sport,  but we have perfected corruption.  Is it so difficult for this corrupt establishment to tamper elections with this dumb EVMs in important central elections?   Why did they make offers of crores to get Hari Prasad company fix the election in 2009 as far as from North East.  We are called a filthy nation where 1.2 billion people do not have a place to pee.  Do we want to continue this?    
It is time for “transparency”,  for paper ballots.  We cannot have other way.
4000 EVMs have gone “missing” in Andhra Pradesh: some stolen EVMs recovered from “scrap”
Andhra Jyothy,  Dec 5, 2010 (in Telugu)



4000 EVMs missing


Dispatched as additional quota in 2004 

Not clear if they reached districts at all!!

District collectors evasive on ‘missing’ EVMs Have they been misused?


6 EVMs traced in ‘scrap’ stores in Vijayawada


Hyderabad, December 4: There are already many controversies concerning EVMs. There are many doubts about their working. It has also been proved that it is not impossible to alter election results on EVMs. In this backdrop, doubts whether as many as 4000 EVMs exist or not has led to a furore in political circles. This has led to serious doubts whether these EVMs have been used to “favour” some parties or candidates owing to local pressures and other conditions prevailing there.


EVMs have been used nationwide for the first time in 2004 general elections. In Andhra Pradesh, elections to the state assembly were also held simultaneously with Lok Sabha polls in 2004. Then, the Election Commission had allotted two EVMs for each polling station. But..when some district collectors sought some more additional EVMs, the Election Commission complied with the request.


Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Khammam, Srikakulam, East Godavari, Prakasam, Cuudapah and Kurnool districts were given 100 to 300 additional EVMs as per their requirements. This way, an additional quantity of 4,000 EVMs was dispatched to these districts. After 2004, again in 2009, another round of general elections have been conducted to the Parliament and the state assembly.


It has been 20 months since general elections have been held. The office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Andhra Pradesh has now developed doubts about the additional EVMs sent to districts in 2004. It began to ask questions: “what happened to those EVMs? Have they been used in elections? If unused, why were they not returned? etc. etc.”


In October this year, the state CEO sent letters to the concerned district collectors asking if the additional EVMs sent to them in 2004 have reached them or not? It has been two months since but there has been no response from district collectors so far. Later, additional CEO sent two more letters to collectors. But, there has been no response from district collectors so far.


Where are they? What happened to them?


As they are unable to account for the additional EVMs procured six years ago, officials are a seriously worried lot. Has the EC been given account of additional 4000 EVMs procured by the state? Have the ‘missing’ EVMs been misused anywhere in 2009 elections under pressure from some quarters? These are doubts being expressed in political quarters.


EVMs are stored in constituencies amid tight security. They are moved to the polling stations just one day before polling. They are handed over to the presiding officers under the supervision of assistant returning officers. Details of EVMs dispatched to different polling stations are recorded.


Some political sources aver that all this happens securely in towns and cities but in rural and remote areas, these are not paid enough attention. So, the officials fear that the missing “additional EVMs’ could be misused by the ruling party leaders by pressurizing polling officials.


Stolen EVMs, from where?


Seven balloting units and 15 control units have been stolen from the store room in the office of the sub-collector, Vijayawada, Krishna district. Police have recovered six of the ballot units while they were being sold as “scrap.”


There is no trace of 15 control units stolen so far. Local officials are shocked by this incident. When the EVMs supposed to be in safe custody have reached scrap stores, they are left wondering what would be the fate of the missing 4000 additional EVMs supplied in 2004!!


But, officials are consoling themselves saying that they could not have been misused and collectors may have sent them somewhere. If that be so, questions are being raised as to why the collectors are not furnishing information sought by the state CEO. It is learnt that the Election Commission of India (ECI) has also expressed its dismay over the disappearance of the additional EVMs.


Notices to Collector, Krishna district


Election Commission of India has expressed its anger over the stolen EVMs in Krishna district. State chief Electoral Officer Bhanwar Lal has issued notices to the Piyush Kumar, district collector asking him how the EVMs meant to be in safe custody in strong rooms have surfaced in the market. He was instructed to file a complaint and investigate the matter.



Joint Collector Gourav Uppal has stated that the case of stolen EVMs was noticed on 28th last month. He further states that the EVMs used in 2009 general elections have been securely stored in warehouse godowns in Machilipatnam and additional EVMs which came from other districts have been stored in Vijayawada. How many EVMs have vanished from Vijayawada is still being assessed and a detailed investigation is being carried out in this regard, he added. Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO), Vijayawada Dharma Reddy has lodged a complaint last Friday regarding the stolen EVMs in the Suryaraopet police station.

This news item appeared on the front page of leading Telugu daily newspaper, Andhra Jyothy in its edition dated December 5, 2010. The article in Telugu is available at the following web link: /main&date=12/5/2010


This article is a verbatim English translation of the article published in Andhra Jyothy.




EVMs sold as scrap,  The Hindu,  Dec 2010
How every poll prediction scheme in India went awry after EVMs started being used in 2004
Source: Democracy at risk, GVL Narasimha Rao, (
Satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy




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  1. a real sad state for a democratic country like India. when will we ever see the danger ?

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