SID writes to EC on buying more of same EVMs

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 1:17 PM
Subject: EC buying thousands of same EVMs
To:, vssampath <>, vssampath <>, HS Brahma <>,
Dear Chief Election Commissioner,
There must be a good reason why EC waited for 2 years in not pursuing the paper trail and now EC wants to buy hundreds of thousands of same EVMs that are shown to be easily manipulatable.
It is a tragedy that EC has not shown independence as enshrined in India’s constitution and working as hand maidens of the Government that is run down with one major scandal after another. It is a matter of sadness that even Pakistan Supreme Court under oppressive military establishment showed the spine to stand up but independent institutions in India are so lagging. The corrupt establishment has wiped away livelihood of millions with India being home one third of global poor and every second child is malnourished. We have China boot kicking us one one side, terrorism being politicized and a few sucking away nations wealth in collusion with politicians. Please consider whether you have done what is best for the country and done your duty to your position?
To this day EC has not pursued the many who have approached Hari Prasad company asking for price to fix the EVMs as far as North East. To this day, EC has not answered how many thousand EVMs were found to be sold as scrap from the constituency of Lagadapati who have accurately predicted the election results both in state and center, which even mature democracies with latest technologies like US cannot predict. Only after activists pointed did EC did even take steps to secure the EVMs. It took one sitting of Supreme Court in Germany to put a complete stop to it and go to paper ballots, it took short time in Netherlands after more than decade of usage to put a complete stop to it and go to paper ballots and they are not struggling with corruption, but here we are are notorious for being a model of corruption and corrupt with the Transparency ranking next to Afghanisthan and our EC has been dragging its feet. Now when the time comes for a possibly historic and decisive elections you maintain status quo.
I apologize if it comes across hard on you, but you have failed in protecting the democracy of our country by just being another bureaucrat doing what you are told with your head down. Please reflect on what you your legacy will be after you leave the position. You can dismiss us, you cannot dismiss your conscience and you cannot dismiss the future history.
Satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy

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