video on how to manipulate real Indian EVM and prestigious ACM paper on Indian EVM!!!!

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Date: Wed, Jul 31, 201v3 at 12:28 PM

Subject: video on how to manipulate real Indian EVM and prestigious ACM paper on Indian EVM!!!!

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Here is video that was done by Hari Prasad in Hyderabad along with Rop Gonggripjp (who was instrumental in getting EVMs banned in Netherlands) and Alex Halderman (foremost export on EVMs from USA) on how to manipulate a real India EVM.    It is a child’s play, even high school students can do this!!!   From Computer technology perspective, they are really dumb machines that can be easily manipulated with little safeguards.   They sit for many years in state go downs  under local IAS officer supervision between elections and ECI has really no clue on what happens to them.   They were found sold as scrap and ECI has no clue.  Tons of money was offered to Hari Prasad to help manipulate them as far as North East.   India has to rise up or the democracy in India is seriously compromised. All over world the mature democracies have rejected them.   
Video on how to manipulate real Indian EVMs?
Also, given below the paper published based on the above work showing on various number of ways to manipulate Indian EVMs (just some of the possible there are lot more). THIS PAPER WAS ACCEPTED AS NUMBER ONE IN PRESTIGIOUS ACM COMPUTER SECURITY CONFEERENCE IN CHICAGO IN 2010!! 
Inline image 26
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
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Inline image 8
Inline image 9
Inline image 10
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Inline image 12
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Inline image 15
Inline image 16
Inline image 17
Inline image 18
Inline image 19
Inline image 20
Inline image 21
Inline image 22
Inline image 23
Inline image 24
Inline image 25

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