Save Indian Democracy call to file PILs on EVMs in Indian Supreme Court

To whomsoever it may concern:

Save Indian Democracy would work with Indian counterparts to help finance for filing PILs by Indian Citizens in Supreme Court of India against blatant  ECI actions.   Our goal is to get many thousands of PILs filed in India Supreme Court.
In addition to alerting the Political parties, we are also pursuing sending petitions to Supreme Court  judges against puppet ECI bureaucrats who are seriously compromising India’s democracy in the face of overwhelming evidence,  perhaps in return for plum positions after their retirement. 
This is a serious case which political parties have not come to grip with, that there is great motivation and incentive to manipulate these so easily manipulable EVMs  particularly during central elections.   They are mistakenly thinking oppositions parties are also winning state elections and they should be fine.    The power center and most of the corrupt money in India is at the center and that is where maximum efforts will be made to compromise as seen in the past.
The way ECI has dragged its foot for last 5 years and now buying the same machines does not abode well for this country.   This is not an independent institution but turning out to be a puppet bureaucratic branch of corrupt establishment.
Our goal is simple, either go with paper trail or paper ballot.  We cannot take a chance NOW.
Satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy

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