EC stand on EVM will have disastrous consequences for 2014 elections

From: Save Indian Democracy <>
Date: Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 11:14 PM
Subject: EC stand on EVM will have disastrous consequences for 2014 elections
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Many in India still have not come to grips the serious consequences of the status quo EC is maintaining by buying hundreds of thousands of EVMs that are easily manipulable.     Most constituencies in India are won by thin margins.   In current election scenarios where no party has absolute majority, this can a very drastic affect.  Just take this scenario:

Let us say without any EVM manipulation (say paper ballots), Party 1 would have secured 175 seats and Party 2 secured 145 seats.    Now, how can this election results manipulated.    Let us identify 15 constituencies where seats are known to won by thin margins.  Now all it takes is to manipulate as small as 5% EVMs (or even much less) in these 15 constituencies to tilt the favor from Party 1 to Party 2.  Each party now have 160 seats and neither has majority!!!    So, we changed the whole power scenario by manipulating just a tiny portion of the EVMs in a handful of constituencies.
Does EC not know that these are being manipulated?  They have not pursued one case so far when Hyderabad company of Hari Prasad was getting so many offers with crores of rupees from political masters begging for a price to fix them from as far as North East in 2009.   On the other hand, they jailed Hari Prasad for demonstrating on national TV on how easy to manipulate them.    A paper on the easiness of manipulation of the Indian EVMs, was paper Number one in the most prestigious ACM Computer Security Conference in Chicago around 2010!!    They were sold as scrap in the constituency of a fellow who predicted elections accurately which no country could do!!! But then our EC does not seem to care.
There is a famous quote by Einstein that ‘The world is a dangerous place not because of evil people but because of good people who do nothing about it’.    It is a matter of shame and of total abdication of Election Commission to continue these EVMs, particularly when everything possible will be tried to manipulate elections.   Has EC become another division of political masters?   Our democracy was lined after British and even British have vehemently rejected the machines and continued with paper ballots.   All over Europe they are rejected, why would EC want to compromise the country future?
While lone Dr. Swamy pursuing this in Supreme Court,  it is time for citizens secure the EC back for the nation, not political masters.   Country has to take back EC from bureaucrats who do not understand what is to be independent,  who cannot stand up for country and  who are snuffing away the hope of 1.2 billion Indians.
It is time every Indian to campaign, to demonstrate, perform Dharnas/strikes in front of EC and take it back to the nation.    Otherwise, this country may be losing one chance to recover and slip into one like Africa.
The country should go for paper ballots and nothing else for 2014 elections.  EC should be made to serve this nation.
For those who want to know more about this please go to: .
satya Dosapati
Save Indian Democracy

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