ECI stand on EVM shows India need bloodbath to restore itself

In a conference on corruption held just before Anna Hazare historic fast in New Delhi in 2011,  attended by elite of the country such as retired Supreme Court Judges, World Bank,  UNODC, Eurodad, Dr. Swamy, Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Baba Ramadev,  it was a retired Supreme Court Judge who quoted Mahatma Gandhi that ‘when the rulers becomes indifferent to suffering of the people, then people will resort to lynching them’.   (See on conference details)


I could not verify that Mahatma Gandhi who stand for non-violence said this, but maybe he is stating inevitable fact.   The current stand of ECI on EVM that can potentially wipe out last chance to reset the country shows that bloodbath may be necessary to reset itself or be prepared to take a course of divided India split up like the impoverished African nations. 

There must be one or both reasons for ECI taking this stance on the EVMs:

a) ECI officers have implicit agreement with corrupt establishment that by falling in line there will be plum posts post-retirement.

b)  ECI Babus do not have spine to stand up for the independence of ECI.

Given the potential disastrous consequences of using these dumb and manipulable EVMs, here is our proposal.   We can create a completely public trust that can match what corrupt establishment is promising to the ECI officials in benefits if you just do your duty.    At least we can save this country from going further abyss.    On the other hand, if the reason for ECI going for EVMs is because it does not have spine to stand up to corrupt establishment, then please step aside and have someone who can stand up until the elections are over.   

So that the public knows what happened (go to for all info)


1) To this date, ECI has not pursued offers made to Hari Prasad company with crores for fixing EVM as far as North East in 2009.   Instead the corrupt establishment jailed Hari Prasad for 10 days for simply demonstrating how Indian EVMs could be manipulated.  They did everything to destroy his software business and intimidate his employees.


2) To this date, ECI has no explanation why Lagadapati in 2009 predicted state and Central elections in Andhra Pradesh to the last digit which even American agencies with latest technologies could not predict.  ECI found thousands of EVMs being sold as scrap in and around Lagadapati constituency and to date ECI has simply no clue.   (see news item below).  On the other hand, the activist from Mumbai who loaned the real EVM to Hari Prasad was intimidated and threatened and most likely beaten up by Mumbai police.  (Mind you, the EVM was put back in the godown but that did not matter and ECI has no clue even that the EVM was taken out!!).   (Link from Hindu newspaper for thousands of EVMs sold as scrap: , also see below)


3) To this date, ECI has not opened their  EVM for public scrutiny.  In fact, in a recorded meeting with independent technologists analyzing vulnerability of EVM was quickly put a stop to.


4) ECI is making phony arguments that there are thousands of EVMs and no one potentially manipulate them.  The whole point is all it requires to manipulate less than 5% (even 1%) of the EVMs in just 15 to 20 of the constituencies where there is small differences in electoral votes.  In current scenario where no party get absolute majority, this has drastic consequences.


5) ECI brought technologists who have no clue about computer technology and pass their approval as seal of approval. 


6) Phony arguments about paper trail was put that paper is wasted (when just the whole amount of paper is less than 3 or 4 days of newspaper print in India!!).


7) ECI argument that paper ballot is too much to handle shows that the democracy does not exist for their convenience, particularly when they cannot find alternate secure mechanisms.   Even UK goes with paper ballot, so is all mature democracies have rejected these phony machines.  It is a matter of utmost shame that countries which has no problem with corruption has rejected them outright but India, the paragon of corrupt won’t leave them, perhaps that is why!!).


8) ECI is saying that even opposition parties win elections does not hold water.  The motivation to manipulate and compromise is very high and everything we have seen so far shows that every avenue to stay in power will be attempted.  All it needs is few EVMs in handful constituencies to grab power in India today.


9) ECI has made false arguments that the EVMs are safely stored.  The truth is between elections there is no ECI official safeguarding them and are under local IAS officer.   It is a child’s game to tip any person (if there is any) and get entry (think of them sold as scrap by thousands).   As one BBC interview said,  you can do anything in India, just have to have a right price.  In fact, only after activists raised the issue did they take any steps to into how safe they are!!

ECI has become another arm of corrupt establishment that will drive the final nail in the coffin of Indian Democracy where the corrupt masters has to stay in power, by hook and crook to protect their billions (and themselves).


India has to rise and demand paper ballots and nothing else.  ECI should be made to understood they exist to serve the nation not the corrupt establishment.   Indian Constitution guarantees transparent elections and just on that alone we got to stop these phony EVMs.


Satya Dosapati

Save Indian Democracy 

EVMs sold as scrap,  The Hindu,  Dec 2010
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3 responses to “ECI stand on EVM shows India need bloodbath to restore itself

  1. Our enemy has new system to destroy our country and culture convert poor and uneducated to ( enemy culture i.e islam ). These local convert creates all problems now to destroy a nation as they are anti national and anti cultural.

  2. Sad.. Lets start using ballot system again

  3. well said, and i am fully with you

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