Please write to Election Commission to serve the country, not political masters

Please email, call, fax (details below) in whatever way possible and say politely to Elections commissioners, Dr. Quraishi (chief), Mr. Sampath and Mr. Bhahma, that they need to stand up for the country and its democracy, not for any political establishment. Election Commission is an independent body setup by India’s constitution to serve as a key instrument of India’s democracy. The way the dates are set, the statements Election Commission is making seems to be to favor congress party. All it takes Election Commission to blink its eye for the corrupt regime to go free for all. It is highly doubtful that EC will conduct elections with the same vigilance as last one.

We are also suggesting that Indians to picket before Election Commission of India which till today has not stopped use of stand alone EVMs rejected all over the world and giving same beaten up excuses to the courts, and worse now seem to favor corrupt regime. As Arvind is saying, India’s regime goes on as if nothing happened in spite of the country rising against corruption. They could do that because they have all the institutions of India including ECI at their disposal. Make no mistake about it. Every instrument will be used, from plum posts after retirement (where is corrupt Supreme court judge now, chief of Human Rights commission!!), to outright threats are being used by this regime. India is up for sale.

Indians need to take the country back from the netas/babus.

All the phone numbers (office and even residential) is at the link below:

Here is Email address List:

syquraishi, syq2, vssampath <vs.sampath>, vssampath <vs-sampath>, HS Brahma <hs.brahma>, Dr Alok Shukla <dralokshukla>, kshayrout, vinodzutshi, ashishs, yashvir, tkumar, kakumar, rksrivastava, kfwilfred,, ystandhope, skrudola, varinderkr, knbhar, anuj, ashish, srkar, sureshchand, brmonga, jaipriye, prasana.dash, rmbhatia, akshayrkout, sram, varinderkr, bcschende, knbhar, mohammad.amin, mamin_india,narendranb, ashish, smukherjee, sureshchand, harbans, andas,krao, sbjoshi, pramod, darsuo.thang, malaymallick,

The information will be also be placed at website.

Satya for Save Indian Democracy


One response to “Please write to Election Commission to serve the country, not political masters

  1. sanjeev sharma

    Complaints of rigging, booth capturing, deletion of bonafide voters, inclusion of bogus voters, etc are MORE SERIOUS THAN STATEMENTS MADE BY LEADERSA ECI MUST COME HEAVILY SPECIALLY IN MAHARASHTRA & U.P., WHERE POLITICAL PARTIES BEHAVED LIKE MAFIA. Regrd

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