Letter to Dr. Quraishi: EC likely to announce poll dates for 5 states. Delhi HC has said that paper ballots should be used till the court case decision comes?

Dear Dr. Quraishi,

>> The counsel appearing for the Election Commission sought to convince that
paper trail or the use of ballot papers was not feasible as not only it
would require immense expenditure but also result in cutting down forests
given the huge quantity of paper that would be required for the purpose.

The above statements by EC counsel in the court is putting India’s democracy behind far subsidiary matters. Let us consider the arguments made above:

a) ballot papers cause immense expenditure

Sir, let us put this at the cost of not being able to overthrow corrupt and unfitting politicians. Time magazine ranked the 40 billion 2G scam as among the top 10 biggest political corruption scandals in human history!!! Every day our political masters are coming up with more scams virtually robbing the nations wealth at colossal scale. Just see what Mr. Kapil Sibal did to curtail the freedom of speech just because young people are speaking up against corruption. On what basis EC is worrying about the expenditure of ballot papers?

b) ballot papers result in cutting down forests given huge quantity of paper

As some one in the election transparency pointed out the amount of paper is no more than few days of paper used in printing India’s newspapers. This cannot be of any significance. Just compare the pollution caused by the illegal mining running into many millions of tonnes and destroying the country’s landscape by our political masters on the other hand.

Sir, do you really think we have a system where EVM can be put in when countries which have least amount of corruption do not even want to go there? Have you not seen how Mr. Hari Prasad got so many offers to manipulate whole elections wholesale for a price as far as North East? Why are we taking this route when country is fighting and trying to dislodge the corrupt establishment in India today?

It also begs the question whether EC is really a free institution? Why was not Expert Committee broadened to include others? For the sake of our nation, please give a hard look and either get rid of EVMs or use optical scanner type technology with compulsory counting of both paper and machine results at every booth to make sure people voices are heard and the corrupt are thrown out.

Dr. Quraishi, you are a unique position in India’s history that what you make of today will remain forever in India’s history, as someone who stood for what is prudent, for what is right. What India is going through today is the second freedom movement. Please do not put down the nation. Look at the face of every young Indian in our young country and consider their future. Consider every second child in India that is malnourished today. Consider the 80% of India’s population living a subhuman life. If we lose the ability to overthrow the corrupt, we are setting ourselves to become another impoverished Africa. Is that what we want?

Satya for Save India Democracy


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