Hari’s response to ex-CEC Mr. Gopalaswami, on ‘Theft is theft’

Mr. Gopalaswami on Hari’s case

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Needamangalam Gopalaswami <gopalaswamin@gmail.com> wrote:
Mr.Jalnapurkar,I am sad at your comment.A theft is a theft whatever the the motive behind it  and the police has a case before it and have to do their duty.If there is a theft  in your house, you lodge a complaint  and the police do not enquire about it because they think you are rich man and can afford to lose a few thousand rupees, how good will you feel? NG

Hari’s response to Mr. Gopalaswami

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Hari Krishna Prasad Vemuru <XXXXXX@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 2:33 AM
Subject: Re: Felon’s Fingers in US vote-by-mail system
To: electiontransparencyworldwide@googlegroups.com

Dear All,

Before this debate goes asymmetric i feel i should break my silence on some aspects, I don’t agree with Mr. Gopalaswami ‘a theft is a theft what ever be the motive behind, the judge in my bail order clearly commented that charges of theft applicable only when dishonest intention is found. Comments should not hurt such, that nobody dares exposing wrong doing in future.
Let me put the facts which i even told at chennai conference Mr. NG attended.( some of them below may be logical assumptions watching the investigation closely)
  • We stated on and on that the machine provided by anonymous source for a brief period.
  • The machine was a complete EVM with CU(Control Unit) and BU(Ballot Unit) along with BOX CASES.
  • The machine was returned after study and video shoot, and put back in the warehouse by the same source in february.
  • The matter was kept silent for 2 months till the research paper is completed.
  • Study findings were made public on April 28th through website and TV channel broadcasting the videos recorded in february.
  • Control unit ID deliberately shown for authenticity of study on original EVM, BU id was not exposed in the video.
  • ECI officials initially denied it as their machine till ECIL informed after verifying factory records of delivery.
  • May 3rd 2010 ECI wakes up and wrote to all CEO’s to update on EVM stocks. ( results kept confidential till date)
  • May 13th 2010 Case registered stating EVM machine stolen by unknown person from high security warehouse.
  • May 26th 2010 ECI writes to V.V.Rao inviting his team to come on 10th August to demonstrate EVM tampering.
  • August 6th Mumbai police suddenly wakes to reach Hyderabad to summon Hari Prasad and takes his statement. Informs Hari Prasad to reveal the anonymous source and get discharged of the case.
  • August 10th the issue was raised before CEC at delhi and requested to enquire true facts behind the Case rather blindly believing it as stolen.
  • August 12th 2010 international experts including NRI experts wrote ECI “Indian EVMs not tamper proof”
  • August 16th 2010 fresh summons issued to Hari Prasad again for investigation.
  • August 21st 2010 Hari Prasad arrested from home Early hours at 5:00AM
  • 8 days of police custody found the statement given by Hari Prasad on day one remains unchanged.
  • August 28th 2010 Hari Prasad released on Bail with Judge commenting his effort as service to the Country. And also states that theft Case is applicable only if a dishonest intention behind which is not seen in this case.
  • September 1st Police issues a fresh notice ordering Hari prasad to be present at Police station at 10AM though the court orders indicates attendance once a week for four weeks.
  • September 7th 2010 Police seeks cancellation of Hari Prasad bail in district court saying they need to interrogate him under polic custody while he was attending everyday at 10AM.
  • September 27th 2010 police seeks adjournment to 11th October 2010.
  • October 4th 2010 ECI organizes all party meet and decides to refer the reforms proposed by political parties to same technical committee that certified present EVMs safe.
  • Meanwhile Police issues summons to employees of Hari prasad company and reaches hyderabad to question the employees and their families.
  • October 11th police again seek adjournment to 21st October, Appoints senior counsel of High Court H.H.Ponda to fight the Case against Hari Prasad.
Now Let’s Predict the Journey of EVM used in our study and alleged as stolen by me. ( A logical imagination)
  • ECI is been pestered regularly by V.V.Rao and Co to allow free access to ECI-EVM to show vulnerabilities in these machines.
  • ECI official were confused over the claims made by Hari Prasad and Team that the present EVM can easily be tampered and were skeptical of giving him free hand to demonstrate EVM tampering as accepted by the former CEC Mr. Chawla after seeing the Sep 3rd 2009 effort made by Hari Prasad & team who almost cracked the machine before it was abruptly stopped by ECI.
  • ECI technical committee Chairman Indiresan continues to provoke Hari Prasad and team to hack the EVMs.
  • ECI officials(assumption) want to verify the ability of Hari prasad informally before they allow them to open the machine for Demonstration. And it was decided to provide a machine informally to Hari Prasad & team.
  • The apprehensions came true with in no time after Hari Prasad and two other international researchers hacked the ECI -ECM.
  • The machine is returned back to their respective  warehouse after the vulnerability analysis.
  • CU and BU are placed in their respective slots in the ware house.
  • Mumbai collectorate  may or may not be unaware of the illicit journey of the machine.
  • April 28th 2010 TV broadcast created panic in the officials and ECI, Media covered extensively all over the world.
  • ECI left with no option than to accept or deny the study demonstrated.
  • ECI officials have to strategize something quick to save their skins.
  • It is decided to disappear the machine and file a complaint.
  • CU could be located by its number displayed in TV channel, BU whose ID remained unknown could not be identified from the lots existing in storage.
  • May 13th 2010 FIR registered on CU missing with no mention about Ballot unit.
  • Does it mean Hari Prasad returned only Ballot Unit and holds Control Unit for further study or he claims the machine is returned is correct?
  • If so who disappeared Control Unit of EVM and  when it was actually disappeared.
  • Does ECI maintains proper records on EVM security?
And many of you know thereafter events. and now it’s your discretion to agree or defer with, the problem can be resolved only by consensus and to do so it is required to keep open mind by all concerned “ Convince or Get Convinced but not Confuse

Hari Prasad


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